Volume 1, Issue 5
by Michele Christopher

J.W. Carbonell lives in Vermont and may or may not have tail



thats a dna script off the smoke from the ashtray

thats cool


Cant stand the suspense!!


Yeah I knew it wasn't just me.


There's a very interesting evolution in the art for these strips.


Glad you liked the DNA smoke. Its one of my favorite things to draw, but its a bitch color around.

As for my mysterious tail - I keep it tucked in my pants. It tends to throw people off. ;) Its big and fluffy though.

Glad everyone is enjoying the comic so much. It just makes me want to work more on it. I actually just started working on Chapter 4, so I'm excited about how everyone is reacting to the comics.

BTW - if anyone is interested in knowing - MOST of the characters are based on actual, living people in Vermont. If you would like to see pictures of th Muses for the characters, go check out my Yahoo site.


Some of you may notice that the character of Lady Shakra is based on FTTW's own drag queen writer, Alexandra Chase. You can find her writings in the column "Diary of a Drag Queen".


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