Unfinished Business
by Jay Scott

So, some people are reading this little thing I do each week. Nifty. Well for those of you who enjoyed last week's chit chat with my pal, this little submission is totally different.

I’m working on all sorts of things, but as I went through all these folders on my glow box I noticed I had all sorts of nonsense that I had written or started to write; you know, unfinished things. “Unfinished Things.” Wow that sounds like a store for old auntie spinsters and the like. Better yet, makes a good title. I think I will work out a story around that.

I digress.

crash.gifI have a few things started, never finished for one reason or another. I thought I would throw some of it out here and see what people thought. Wait, I normally don’t give a rat's ass what people think, but then again, I’m going to be that old man in black socks and plaid shorts yelling at the neighbor kids to “get off my lawn.”

What was I on about? Oh yeah, the profound “Unfinished things.” Imagine some credits rolling over a scene of fall, with big trees, New England perhaps, a cool breezy day, not freezing, but the end of fall, the last days of a season are upon us and your POV (point of view for you normal people) is looking down on a road, but we are moving until we stop. On that road is an accident. A car in a losing game of chicken with, say, a semi truck, or a bus. Whatever. Let the fucking director figure it out. Anyways, it’s a bad accident. EMS is there, cars are stopped etc. In the middle of this chaos is a body under a sheet, there’s blood, not gore, but blood. You with me on this? Ok, so now starts the slow zoom in. We see that some guy, the “bus driver” we’ll call him, is giving a statement to the police, and all the while we are focused on this body under a sheet. Can you see it? Good. And now we have zoomed into the scene. Mild chaos, wreckage, the body under a sheet, this scene has it all. A narrator is talking OS (off screen for you non screenwriters). Then….we pan over past some mild traffic backed up to a guy sitting in his Volvo. Waiting to get by. Not a nerdy guy, but a regular guy. Just some guy, like Alec Baldwin, but with a beard and a brown jacket with a button down shirt. Like a teacher. Just not a nerdy one, he matches, he looks as average as Alec Baldwin could look I guess. But Alec Baldwin is this regular guy. He can't see ahead, but looks impatient. Anyways, his cell phone rings. He answers. Now we cut to a cop, wait its New England, so it’s a Trooper. We cut to a Trooper at the accident scene talking on the phone. All we hear is the trooper say “Jack, its Mike. Listen, its about...I mean It's about Sarah, she's been in …” Then it happens. We, the audience, get it first. We are already there. He turns around just as we see good ol regular guy Alec breaking into a sprint up the road. And now we know. The person who had been killed means something to Alec in a beard guy.

credits.jpgIs that a movie opening? Is that a good lead in? Well I just flung that outta my head while I was trying to get to my article. Jebus H, talk about stream of consciousness… So here I was going to post a thing from some old scripts that never took off and one clever set of words later, “Unfinished Things” I think it was is taking up space in the world directly from my head. Hey it might suck, who knows. But don’t ya wanna know what happens to regular guy Alec Baldwin in a beard? What becomes of him? Did he fight with Sarah before work and never said he was sorry, or did he buy the ring that morning with plans to ask her tonight. Infinite possibilities I guess.

That’s how my brain works. I could be talking about Rice Krispies and the next thing you know I am on about these 3 murderous dwarves who are lactose intolerant...wait..i need a cocktail. Ya know, I really wanted to do a normal article this week. Oh well. I’ll try again next week. So until then, I think I might try and decide what happens to regular Alec.



I always wondered how movie scenes evolve. It is totally planned out in the screenplay with a written description of camera angles and who stands where or is that what the director does? How does that happen?


I always wondered how movie scenes evolve.

Just like it did above. Something comes to mind. You might write a name or place down, and suddenly, you start thinking. Music norammly does it for me. I hear a song, and in my mind I build the moment in a film where its used.

I was really was trying to write about something else, and instead I just wrote what I did. Everyone might be differant, thats just how it works for me.


Something very similar to this happened to a friend of mine, minus the cell phone call.

Just goes to show, art is meant to make you feel, not necessarily feel good.


HOLY CRAP You are talented!!!!
I could listen to you make stuff up all day .


HOLY CRAP You are talented!!!!
I could listen to you make stuff up all day

Yeah, thats freakin me out a little. I saw that movie, didnt work out so well for James Caan.


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