Pumpkins Part E: The Final Chapter
by Baby Huey

Talk about some bad planning. I forgot that this October has five Tuesdays. I had four killer recipes set up, then ... oh, shit. Another Tuesday? Dammit. So, we've done a soup, a side dish, and two desserts. How do you finish a dinner? Cocktail time! One caveat: I'm pulling this recipe out of my ass as we speak, but it sounds tasty.

1/2 gal apple cider
1 pint brandy (apple brandy would be ok, as would cognac)
1 c pumpkin pie mix
1/4 c maple syrup
whipped cream
cinammon stick

Put all the liquids in a blender and mix it all together. Put in a saucepan over medium low heat and warm it up till it's nice and warm -- you're not cooking it at all, just heating it up to serve like a hot toddy.

Put in a mug. Top with whipped cream and dust with nutmeg. Stick a cinnamon stick in there for garnish. Get plastered.

And, being that it's the end of the month, it's time for the monthly metal wrap-up, so let's get crackin.

haunted.jpgFavorite Album:
The Haunted
- The Dead Eye
Century Media Records

Seriously, if you want to learn about this, go get the record, or listen to a sample here. I reviewed it last week. Go read it here.

trivium2.jpgAlbum Least Like My Expectations:
- The Crusade
Roadrunner Records

It took me a few listens to get behind this record at all. Their last album was far-above-average New Wave of American Heavy Metal. These guys are fantastic guitarists, and the solos just shredded. This album, though, is basically a Metallica tribute -- basic Bay Area thrash. As a Metallica tribute album, The Crusade gets an A. As a Trivium album, it's like a B- album. At best.

lightcity.jpgBest Surprise:
Light This City
- Facing the Thousand
Prosthetic Records

Fresno-based Light this City reminds me of Sweden's Arch Enemy in many ways. For one, they both have a female vocalist who growls as good or better than many of her male counterparts. The guitars are extremely melodic, but still remain heavy. The drums are lightning-fast and perfectly on-beat. The songs are catchy and fun to listen to. All in all, I was very pleasantly surprised by these guys.

What I want to know is, what metal have you been listening to?

PS. Tune in to Dead of the Night tonight from 10pm 8PM- Midnight EST for the second installment in my celebration of Slayer's Reign in Blood -- I'll be playing the second half of the album as part of the show.*

PPS. Happy Birthday, Mom.

Baby Huey's mom is not available for "your mom" jokes.


*that's right.. they've given him four hours of madness instead of two.


Fresno-based Light this City

nothing good comes from Fresno

just evil people

so it must be good


I think about three gallons of this drink might get me through this week.


you could also not heat it up, add some vanilla or butter pecan ice cream and make kickass milkshakes.


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