Resume Writing Tips: The Four Sentences To Keep In The Back Of Your Mind While Writing Your Cover Letter
by Wilhelm

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

inigo.jpgYes, these four simple sentences can be the key to getting a better job.

In these slow economic times it is important to put the best “you” out there possible. Put your best foot forward. Go for the gold. Dare to dream. Don’t give up. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Book ‘em Dan-o.

For those of you lazy, worthless, no good, do nothing, commie bastards who would rather live off the teat of the state than get a job, I applaud your decision. However, if you want to find work, I can help.

The key to getting a good job is the cover letter. It’s what recruiters and HR-types look at first and determines whether or not they will review your resume or just hit ‘delete’.

The movie, Princess Bride offers many fine tips on how to best prepare your cover letter, but there’s none better than “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” It’s cover letter writing at its best.

To wit…

. Start off with some type of friendly greeting or salutation.

My name is Inigo Montoya
. Introduce yourself.

You killed my father. Tell them why you are interested in them.

Prepare to die. Let them know what you can do for them.

From a recruiter’s perspective, this cover letter is pure gold. It is polite, short, to the point, and covers the four main areas a cover letter should.

Remember, finding a good job isn’t always easy to do, but if you remember “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” finding that perfect job for you will be just a little easier.

Wilhelm knows the meaning of the word "inconceivable."


Ha! If cover letters like that worked more often, I'd be running a multinational at this point instead of working out of a underground laboratory....




yeah, but you get to do a lot more hands on work in the underground lab, multinationals have all those pesky state and federal rules and regs.

what's brilliant is that photoshopped pic, now /that's/ some funny stuff


So, would the corresponding salary negotiation advice come from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre?"


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