suite surrender, part II
by Michele Christopher

key card in hand, i click-cluck and swish my way over to the hot young thing at the concierge desk.

"hello there, uh… stacey," i say as she deliberately brushes her long, dark maple hair off her shoulder to reveal her name tag.

"good afternoon, how may i be of assistance?" hmm, no 'ma'am?' maybe she comes from the same neighborhood as i do.virgo.jpg

"well, i'm going to be staying at the hotel at least for the night and probably throughout the weekend and i need to have, uh, well, let's call it an accomplice*.* are you going to be manning this desk throughout the weekend?"

"my shift runs 2 to midnight tonight and tomorrow."

"midnight? but it's new years eve." i briefly picture a chiseled young man crying in his champagne this holiday.

"oh i'll just celebrate after my shift. midnight, one o'clock, what's the difference, really?"

"well that makes me happy to hear stacey, because you'll be the perfect accomplice. how are you with attention to detail?"

"i'm a virgo." she says, and i understand. completely.


stacey and i put our heads together for the next twenty minutes or so and she proves herself a worthy accomplice indeed. she understands exactly the feel that i'm going for and helps me set up the perfect evening. my guests and i will barely need to talk to anyone but each other for the next 24 hours. we will put the outside world on a dimmer switch. and turn it down very low.

i reach inside my purse for another bill and i hand it to stacey.

"remember, every detail is important, but none as much as the dinner table," i say as i stand up.

"right. three places at the table. no more, no less," she nods.

"not even an extra chair, stacey. i'm counting on you."

rakesh comes running up just as the elevator is about to close. he holds his hand out to part the heavy brass doors. in his other hand he holds a telephone memo.

"message for you miss harboe," he pants.

"thank you rakesh. see you later." i take the memo, the doors meet again and i'm alone in the elevator. i press my floor and lean against the wall, close my eyes and inhale deeply.

as i exhale i look down at the note in my hand.81067201_fc9faa46c3_m.jpg

"flight has landed, be there right around 5. – alex"

i look at my watch. 3:47. perfect. the elevator doors open and i get to my room just as the bellhop is leaving. he holds the door for me as i slip a bill in his hand. $10 this time. i'm rich, not stupid.

the suite door opens into the living room and it is gorgeous. really. just as i'd hoped. a warm comfortable setting with an amazing view of the harbor. i take the two steps down into the bedroom. once again, beautiful. a california king made up in dark reds and browns. there is a fireplace. it is, after all, electric, but manages to emit that cozy warm glow all the same.

i step into the powder room, bend over the tub, close the drain and twist the hot water knob. i pour the bubble bath under the running water as the room begins to fill with steam.

i walk to the mirror to undress.

--to be continued.

kali writes daily at Kalipornia Sux and is a big proponent of overtipping bellboys



ok, you're far too good at the teasing.

and that's not just the wine talking.


This is gonna turn out like an episode of Lost, right? The hotel crashes into an island smack dab in the middle of an electromagnetic anomaly complete with crazy bald guy and crazy african dude and funny fat guy and hot girls with guns and polar bears, right?


you forgot about the sweat lodge, but, ya, essentially that's gonna be it.


i had to do it


Lost. Pics.

Mmmmm. Evageline Lilly.


dude what is with the new hot guy and hot chick that have alluva sudden come to the forefront on lost?? like i'm supposed to be like "oh a hot guy on the island i hadn't noticed before."

ya, right!

oh wait, am i off topic again?


kali - I stopped watching in the middle of the first season. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl.

Actually I stopped caring why they were there and what was happening to them.

I'm fickle that way.


I have the current season recording but have only seen the first episode. I'm not sure which "new hot guy" and "new hot girl" you speak of.

And as much as I want to not be into the show, I am very into the show.

But Heroes has me hooked far deeper. Speaking of which, there is a scene from this Monday's episode similar to what you're laying out here.

Huh. I said "laying."


Cullen, I know exactly where you're coming from. As much as I don't want to watch the damn show, it keeps pulling me back in.

Heroes, on the other hand, is utterly compelling. Hiro is my favorite character on TV right now.


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