The Rush of the Crush
by Michele Christopher

Deb isn't really a guest writer, as she writes the hockey column at FTTW, I'll See You on the Ice. Sometimes our columnists will make appearances outside of their normal places. This is one of those times.

That’s right, not only do I know all about hockey, I also am a Romance Writer (not an Author, yet). Writing romance is my second full time job and I loved it from the moment I put pen to paper.

When I am writing I fall in love almost everyday – well, in lust anyway.

Some writers find their inspiration from music, some from movies and their stars, I find mine on my commute to and from my day job.

Somewhere around graduating from college and getting a “real job”; I lost sight of the true art of the fleeting crush. holdmelikeyoudidthattimeonn.jpgOn the road to maturity we lose sight of instant reaction and stop really looking. We tend to concentrate on looking for a Relationship with a capital “R”.

Writing romance has reintroduced the crush into my life ah, oh, the fun I have with my different crushes.

Some are fleeting. Like the handsome fellow who cut me off on my morning walk, causing me to stumble. Now usually I would have told him off and continued on my merry way, but not this time. This time he was forgiven because he caught me, smelt like sin, apologized and had just one dimple when he smiled. I’m sure that that dimple has gotten him out of a lot of situations. Our interaction took no more than 30 seconds, but I got my Alpha fix.

Some crushes last longer. Like the guy at my work that turns me into a stammering fool every time he talks or stands near me. I’m sure he thinks I’m a moron whose natural skin tone is bright red. I don’t care – blushing is good for your completion, it keeps the blood flowing. He’s my Beta.

Celebrity crushes are special. With a few swift keystrokes you can bring up a myriad of pictures and information on even the most minor of Hollywood player. *Sigh* This is great, but if you’re anything like me you have an obsessive need to know absolutely everything you can about them. Unfortunately for me this tends to kill the crush and ruin the fantasy (darn you Google).

I do, however, enjoy crushing on certain fictional characters, regardless of which former celebrity crush is playing the role. I just re-write certain scenes in my head* casting myself as the heroine.

Truth be told – I just like the rush of the crush and like an addict I actively seek it out everyday. It helps me to invoke those “first rush” feelings when I am writing my love scenes, or describing the initial feeling that my hero and heroine feel for each other.

So to all those unsuspecting men out there – Thank You! I couldn’t do it without you (well, I could, but this way is a lot more fun). And who knows, maybe someday one of my crushes will turn out to be my personal hero.

Tell me about your crushes? Who are your real life romance Heroes or Heroines?

* Or in the case of the last “Star Wars” (ep. 3); ALL the dialogue and most of the plot – Don’t EVEN get me started.

Even though Deb writes romance, she’s still tougher than your Mom. Got it?


Or this guy.



Mmmmmmmmmm. Monica.


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