Unpleasant Surprises
by Pril Stevenson

Most surprises are pretty cool. But some of them aren't. Here we go…

The old band never had a manager. We all went out and put the squeeze on any place with a stage to let us play, that would pay us what we asked. There are a lot of suckers out there…Not Pril, unless she tells you otherwise...

So basically one person would get a line on a weekend, then call us all to make sure no one else had anything going on, and then they'd call back and book it. Then someone else might do it for another weekend. Blahbitty-blah blah blah.

Our guitar player (we'll call him the Kook, for the same reason we have a Djeef) grabbed a fine one. One of his relatives was in the Eagles, and needed a band to play at the annual charity dinner and golf tournament. Fat wad of cash for a tiny amount of time.

My hair was bright blue at the time.

So I have no idea what the Eagles are or anything like that. I just loaded the stuff up the night it was all going on, found the place, and hopped out. Looked around.

We played at this thing and the youngest person there was probably 50. It was one of the only gigs we played that the Kook was hatless for, because they made him take it off, because you weren't allowed to wear hats in the club.

When we realized what it was, we had to retune the setlist AGAIN. We ended up with maybe 10 songs that might be acceptable. And we had to fill an hour. We dragged those songs out as long as we could, and then after a while the Eagles took flight (very slowly and politely, of course) and it was just the help standing around watching us. So we did some crunchy songs for them, finished out the hour and went home.

Yeah that's boring. But I cant remember exactly what we did after we finished there. It was a 20 minute drive home. O, I probably got pulled over, because I ALWAYS got pulled over.


hey dude

ive had some of the best times playing for the bartenders

plus you got paid!


Ha, dinner and a golf tournament, nice one. So it wasn't like that scene in Caddyshack then?


All I can picture is that scene in old school where the wedding band is ripping up 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'...

'I fuckin need you now tonight, fuckin need ya more than eva!

Ha ha


pril is that pic of you??


no it isn't a pic of her.

it took me awhile to figure out if it was her, too. The Rickenbacker thru me, but it isn't her.

kinda weird thou. The bass is perfect and no one plays those anymore and I know that's what she plays

perfect pic


Hell no i'm cuter than that. I do wish i owned a Rick. I have to content myself with the street up the road, Rickenbacker Ave. I have a short-scale Ibanez GS100 and a '63 Harmony H27. I'll have to get a pic up here sometime i guess.


I could have sworn you played a Rickenbacker.... Damn, that was what sold the shot for me.... And apparently no one checks out the alternate tags on the pics...


aw. Nope. Turtle and i talked about Kira and her Rick a couple of times. The alt tag doesnt appear to be working on that. At least for me.


I can't tell if the alt tags work in Firefox or not, as I usually don't pay attention myself.... The tag reads "Not Pril, unless she tells you otherwise..."...

Hey, I thought it was funny....


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