we have a date with the underground, chapter 27
by Michele Christopher

So I'm going to start off by saying I was never innocent in any of this. There is no way I can look at the past and have some grand realization that I did was right or wrong. I don't make judgments anymore. I stopped a long time ago. If you want to be a thief, liar, cheat, hooker, whore, alcoholic or a drug addict, it's really not my business. Have your fun. I don't really care unless you have something to offer me. Then I care.

It is sad but true that you can have a man who can look in your eyes and and read how much you can sacrifice for him in less than a minute. I think it is a mean way to live but you do it. Cause you have to. Well, I did. And I still do it today. I hate it. But it is still there. I can look you up and down and ask myself how I can use you before your next breath. And you know what? I will figure out a way. I will use you to get to someone else who I really want. Pretty shitty way of thinking and really, kind of shallow. But, it is what I do and I am honest about how I am.

A good looking girl wanted us to play some wedding. Some favor. Some town. Some damn beach. I never really knew where I was at just if it was near the ocean or not. That is really my only map skills. That's the way it works. Salty water? I'm on some coast. Well, that's not really the way it works, but it's always nice to feel the ocean breeze. But, I was somewhere close to the ocean.

See, drugs will rot your memories.

I was set up for this wedding. Ready to go. Personal favor for the bride. 160120846_0eed952561_m.jpgWhat the hell. Wait. No power strips. We had no power. What the fuck now? I stopped the whole set up. I was on a beach and had nothing to go on. We didn't know it was a beach. We just didn't know. We were billed on the wedding and we couldn't fuck it off. We just fucked up. This show stopped. Walking up to groom to tell him we couldn't play because, well because he was on a fucking beach. Some girl came up with a guitar behind me and listened to me talk. She pulled me back. She said she could do this. I looked her up and down. I asked her if she was sure she could do this. I mean fuck, this was getting bigger by the second. This was getting out of control.

She said "yes."

So I used her.

And she took over.

I'm not the type of person to not ask for help when I need it, but this was strange. She was taking on a pretty big crowd here. But she did it. And this beach was getting bigger by the minute. It's just one of those feelings you have.

That "hold together" look and feeling. Get thru this night. Hold together.

Ok. You have to picture this. 200 punks singing along to some acoustic versions of songs. These were like road weary punk rock kids and hardcore kids who just sang along as the beer flowed. The best man started the pit as I just watched her to make sure she was doing ok.

She was.

I just packed up my case and watched them all dance to this girl who was belting her ass out to everything they requested. The crowd was wild. I locked up the van and got a beer and walked over to her. Told her how good she did. She took control of a crowd of drunken punk rockers with just a simple acoustic guitar and a voice and had them all captivated.

She looked at me and said "someone had to do it."

She did it.

One girl with one voice with one guitar.

And one crowd.

That just goes to show you.

Never doubt yourself.

Because you can do anything. - T


I love this story.

It's definitely about more than a girl with a guitar.


I played my guitar for a wedding on the beach once. Only 2 songs though. Some Jimmy Buffet thing, which I have since blocked out and dont even remember what the name of the song was, and 'Wind Beneath my Wings'. So, obviously, there was not a pit involved here ;)

After my part was over, I was watching the ceremony and holding my son, who was about two at the time and was tired of standing, and he peed on me. That was fun (not).


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