Passed Out Again In The Kindergarten Room
by Wilhelm

The musings of Wilhelm von Hans von Masterson von Stutt. Also known as Bob. Sundays

The room's a spinnin'
But I'm goofy grinnin'
As I lay on the floor of the
kindergarten roomfingr.pntng2.jpg

The vodka is great
Though I surely do hate
All the kindergartners here in the
kindergarten room

So noisy and smelly
I think I'm in helly
Every day that I teach in the
kindergarten room

Thank god for the blender
Allows for my bender
As I mix drinks during lunch in the
kindergarten room

"Why's your eyes red?" Mr. D
The kiddies ask me
Before the afternoon nap in the
kindergarten room

"Go away kid, ya bug me!"
"No I won't give a huggy!"
Sexual harassment is naughty in the
kindergarten room

When they go out for recess
Dropin' acid's a reflex
Makes for pretty colors here in the
kindergarten room

Had a bad trip one day
Primary colors did spray
As I puked on the floor of the
kindergarten room

Two blue patches of puke
Seemed like a fluke
So mixed in yellow paint in the
kindergarten room

Now one's blue 'n' one's green
I think they look keen
As I lay on the floor of the
kindergarten roomaccidentally-dropping-peopl.png

Oooh! the windows look funny
Kinda slanty and runny
Damn dealer sold me bad stuff in the
kindergarten room

Called him up from my desk
Yelled, "I doth protest!"
The LSD sold to me in the
kindergarten room

"I'll bring da pain
If I here ya complain
Anymore 'bout my product in the
kindergarten room"

He slammed down the phone
I'm weird trippin' on my own
As I sit in my chair in the
kindergarten room

Now what's that I see
On the floor next to me
Strange vents and some steam in the
kindergarten room

This trip's really bad
It's makin' me sad
Think I'll pass out on the floor of the
kindergarten room

Bob is a semi-certifiable insane guy who may or may not be a German kindergarten teacher.


The kids aren't THAT bad, are they?


the kids are not that bad, unfortunately i may be


Bad Bob.


My boy just turned two. You mean it gets worse!!?


oh, my poor bob, it gets so much worse and lasts well into the twenties and even the thirties these days!


uh. define semi-certifiable.


heh. you said "helly."


"semi" nothing, sweet kali, it isn't worth doing much of anything unless one is willing to go all the way.


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