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by Michele Christopher

Ed note: Welcome to the new, weekend edition of FTTW. From now on, FTTW will publish 8 columns every weekday and leave you with four columns for the whole weekend - football, hockey and two fun-type items from the editors. Enjoy.

In a different world, Faster Than The World would be the website of choice for every web savvy intellectual who was looking for a good time. But how boring would that be ? It’s the different ideas and viewpoints that make the web so interesting and, while we try to be as diverse as possible, there’s a handful of websites that we don’t run that we love as well. Between the three of us, there’s probably a few hundred of them that we check every week. So we present, for your entertainment, a few of our favorites. We invite you to check them out tell us what you think. If you’ve got something better, interesting of just plain fun, let us know in the comments.

Michele's up first:

Play Infocom games online. That's right, nerds. Step right up and play some Zork. I spent many, many hours playing these games on my C64 back in the day and now I can waste away your hard earned tax dollars while playing these at work all day. Careful, you might be eaten by a grue.


Chucks Connection. Films where Chucks make an appearance. Details about who was wearing them and what scenes they appeared in. For the Chucks obsessive only. Because you needed to know that Pee Wee from Porky's wore white Chucks high tops.

Muscle Car Club- just so I can sit there and drool and dream about the stocked, 12 car garage I'll have when I win Lotto. I'm all about the 70 Chevelle SS, by the way. You listening, Santa?

Adult Swim. Do I need to explain why? I do? Then you aren't watching enough late night tv. Number 1 in the hood, G.

Also: We saw Borat last night and my god, was it funny. So there's something else you should check out if you haven't already.

thefinn's picks

Maybe it’s my unnatural obsession with Corey Doctorow’s writing. Maybe it’s because I still have copies of the first iteration of the BoingBoing magazine in a box, in the basement, because I can’t bear to let them go. Or maybe I’m just a big nerd who enjoys posts about governments gone bad, nifty sci-fi stories and Pastafarians.

My inner fourteen year old sometimes knows no bounds. It still giggles whenever someone says “boobies”, he still gets excited by the thought of fast cars and he loves to play video games. And 4 Color Rebellion definitely caters to the last. Up to the minute gaming news and innovative articles, delivered several times a day.

Where can I go, every day, to find insightful scientific questions, news about comic books, interesting photographs and body modification ? Strangely enough, you can get all that and more at Warren Ellis’ blog. It’s extremely well written, hugely entertaining and often disturbing.

It’s a rare thing when a couple of chuckleheads can make small fortune doing something that they love (I’m still looking for that “sit on the couch, read and drink coffee” job). It’s even more rare when those chuckleheads unleash their rabid fans on children’s hospitals and have them do good. The Child’s Play Charity started a few years ago by the fine gentlemen at Penny Arcade and it’s one of the best things I can think of to do with my money for the holidays.

Turtles picks

What am I into? Well, there's not a whole lot I'm not into at the moment. Or, maybe that's wrong. I'm really not too sure what would constitute a good pick for me might be a good pick for you.

But, what the hell. Here are few things I like. I guess.

Hidden Mickeys(pops)
I've been to Disneyland so many god damn times I feel like I should have some kind of Club 33 pass given to me for free. Seriously, I can't count how many times I have been told "I can't smoke here" by god damn Snow White. Anytime, any fucking person would come down to anywhere in California, no matter where I lived, they had to go to Disneyland with me. I mean, great, I did it too, but after awhile you start to figure some things out. Without the use of LSD, I would see that god damn mouse in shapes and stuff. Like built into the rides, cliffs, buildings, boats, everywhere. Just hidden. Little research and I found this site. So about 5 years ago, whenever I went to the Land of the Mouse and Del Taco, I would look for these guys.

It is really just a waste of time website that makes you think that even though you think your life may suck, at least you aren't looking for stupid mice around some theme park built for idiots and Canadians.... See how I snuck in my Pro-Mighty Ducks agenda in there to fuck with Deb, our Ice Hockey writer? I can do that cause I am an editor.

Turbojugend USA(pops)topbar_dummy.jpg


No big surprise here. I love these guys and always, well, not always have. They have put out a few stinkers, but they did put out Apocolypse Dudes which is one of the greatest rock and roll records of all time. Plus they talk funny. What's cool about this site is that it is a fan site and surprise, surprise, it is better then the official site which seems to change every, um, like three months. Surburban is the guy who runs it and he seems to know everyone who has any connection to this band from everywhere in the world.

And he is from somewhere in Arizona. They are from Norway.

Go figure.

Hey, what can I say. I have to give them props for feeding me through the whole drive to New York. Seems every hotel in the midwest has a Perkins next to it. When my car broke down for three days, Perkins was there to help me out of it. Stick me in the smoking section and let me find where I was at on a map. It was kinda like homebase but with shitty food and a smoking zone. I like smoking zones. They make me feel special. Even thou I had never heard of Perkins before, I cherish them now. Still miss Del Taco, but I figure since their shitty tacos knocked about ten years off my life, I really don't think I'll be giving them a pick. Althou....3 soft tacos for 99 cents is kinda worth losing the last ten years of your life. I mean really, Del Taco was bad, but not as bad as I act like it was.

But Perkins was my beacon. When I found one, hungry or not, I would stop. It's always fun asking what state you are in, too. No matter what answer they gave, I always responded, "That's near Oregon, right?"

I think they got kinda tired of me when I stayed at one hotel for three days and ate there all the time. You could almost see the rolling off the eyes as they walked up to me asking why I was still in their town.

Good times. Good times.

Rooster Sauce, the Official Sauce of FTTW(pops)
Have I told you we are trying to sell out to Rooster Sauce? It's part of our marketing goal. I figure pretty soon we will be selling Rooster Sauce on our site along with T-Shirts. Sriracha goes great on everything. I've tried it on everything I was eating when a bottle of it was around. Sriracha-Hot-Chili-Sauce.gifAnd it always worked. If you haven't tried this stuff yet, I strongly (is that a word?) urge you to go out and get a bottle of this stuff. It has a nice burn that cleans you out like piss thru a hot goat. Or goat piss thru a hot something.


Probably didn't make it sound to appetizing to you, did I.....

Well, it's good stuff and the more the better. It has so many chemicals in it, you could leave it out in the desert and a week later, it would still be fine. What's better is that it masks the flavor of less then appetizing foods. I hate scambled eggs, but somehow I can hold back my gag reflex and get the eggs down if enough of the rooster is put on it.


Probably didn't make it sound to appetizing to you, did I.....

Well, it's good stuff and to our friends at the Huy Fong Foods Company who read this post, feel free to email us at anytime. We are open to negotiations.

So those are them. I have no idea why we chose them. I guess we had our own different reasons, but meh, what the hell. Most of the sites we go on alot are pretty well known. If I had my way, I would still put Badger Badger Badger in, but you have all seen that a million times and you all know that it does finally end.

And what an ending!

But, like we said, these are ours.

You into anything cool nowadays?


I donate a bit to Child's Play every year. It's an awesome charity, run by a fantastic couple of guys with a very funny site. Long live the Fruit Fucker!


Rooster sauce tastes good! There's a TV Funhouse DVD out --- that's worth checking out if you like the Ambiguously Gay Duo.


Why play Zork when you could play the fantastically difficult and pretty funny Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game? Now that's fun.



Tim, that game drove me out of my mind back on the C64. I tried playing it again online a few weeks ago and got stuck in the same spot I did all those years ago.


The bit where the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal is trying to eat you ?


the damn babel fish part killed me.

i think that was at the start at the start of the game, too

fuck that game


The babelfish was the bastard of the game because you could skip over it and continue with the game but never beat it.


that was it

you could keep going for like days and then get stuck because of something you forgot to do back in the babelfish part that you didn't know you had to do and by then it was to late to go back.

grrr. i hated that game


It really seems more like a collection of ways to die, which was the inspiration for my programming project this year, which was a text game that caused you to die in highly improbable ways nearly every time you did something.


I loved that game... The only time I really got frustrated was when I found out you needed "no tea"... Other than that, it was hilarious...


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