Giving Thanks and Getting Gas
by Michele Christopher

Two days before Turkey day and I am settling into that "what I'm thankful for" mode. Well, I am also settling into a "let's find a pair of pants that are too big on you because you are going to eat so much your stomach will bloat like a dead whale" mode. But that's another story. You really don't want to hear about post-Thanksgiving dinner bloat and gas, anyhow. I hope.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. More than usual. But as much as you don't want to read about my need for Tums on Thanksgiving night, you really don't want to read another sappy, mushy, overwrought article from me about how fortunate I am at this moment in my life.

bagles.jpgLet's visit the lighter side of Things I'm Thankful For.

Turtles. Supersuckers. Jersey sheets. Neil Gaiman. Four day weekends. Converse sneakers. 80's new wave. Coffee. Halloween. George Foreman grills. Milk and Cheese. Rooster sauce. Snapple tea bags. Comfy clothes. Punk rock. Mario. Link. Boba Fett. Digital cameras. School plays. Excedrin Migraine. Bucky Dent. Dairy Barn. Hot bagels. Sporks. Aquariums. Troma movies. Peter Jackson. Zombies. Meatwad. Blizzards. Mike Patton. Queens of the Stone Age. Cash Cab. 24. Reese's peanut butter cups. Arcades. Orgasms. Grilled cheese. Battery operated toys. Cool cars. Flickr. Funny cats. The Cheat. Preacher. Target. Friends. Family. Love. Potato soup. Real Christmas trees. Fuzzy slippers. The Cartoon Network. Loud metal. And anything that would make living out each of the seven deadly sins possible.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gauntlet.

So what are some non-traditional things you are thankful for?

Michele wants you to know she really is thankful for less material type things. And Tums.



The just-out-of-date bags of whole bean Starbucks I can purchase for $2.50 at the local salvage store. Paste mag's "free" sampler CDs. Stupid YouTube videos. Art Brut's Bang Bang Rock and Roll. Betty Butterfield. Everyone on my blogroll. All my blogs. Ricky Bobby ads. Fresh, hand-picked blueberries. The Richard Show. And of course, Jesus.



My friends, new and old, my family, new and old

and a bird!


A perfectly legitimate excuse to leave town for a few days to see crotchety grandmothers and friends from when I had a life.


the innernets!


The Beast and Dynamine, of course...


Have you been reading Eddie's tour posts on That guy is a riot. Sadly I missed the Boston show last night due to negative cashola.. Very sad :-(

Oh yeah, thankful for: Wife, Kids, house, job that pays for it all, credit card that covers the rest. 3 day work weeks are nice too.


the freedom to be bitchy whenever I want and blame it on my upbringining, glorious food, fttw, the fact that I'm not a complete idiot.


Every fucking breath! The rest is gravy. But I'm really thankful for gravy.

Gravy includes wife, dogs, Jr. bacon cheesburgers for $1.39 Canadian.


you bought your wife and dog for 1.39 canadian? and they thru in a cheeseburger??

I need to move to canada.


Yes, please move to Canada and teach me some fucking grammar lessons.


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