Heavy Rotation
by Michele Christopher

Remember What's Playing? That's when Turtle and Michele would write about whatever was playing on their musical machine of choice whenever either of them said the magic words "what's playing now?" We haven't done one of those in a while, and we thought it would be fun to see what all the writers at FTTW are listening to these days. So here ya go. What's in heavy rotation on our iPods/walkmans/stereos/turntables/8-tracks/weapon of choice.

Nick/The Back Forty: "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
I was not into any sort of metal when I was younger (any discussions of wether Metallica even counts as "metal" should be taken elsewhere), so I really only listened to this song maybe three weeks ago. I had heard it before, but not listened. This song is perhaps the single greatest monument to Rawk that has ever been. It just doesn't get any more ridiculous, catchy and faux-dark than "Enter Sandman" Long Live Metallica.

Kali/Screaming Like a Banshee: "redneck" by lamb of god.
holy shit! big thanks to baby huey for turning me on to this single from the lastest LOG album, sacrament. i only have the radio edit version here at work but wow it's good. it's like all the best of pantera and inflames and rob zombie in one little single. fuck i hate the work single. seriously, has anyone heard this on the radio? i'd be fucking psyched. but anyway i've been playing it on repeat as i am wont to do with good songs. and it's holding up just fine.

Andrea/Film and Developer: Angel Eyes by Hinder. It reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. Our relationship ended amicably and though I don't talk to him anymore he will always be in my heart. I wish we were friends still but he has expressed to me that it is not possible. I guess if he ever reads this he should always know that I am think of him often and wish that one day we can be friends again. :)

Baby Huey/Dishful of Metal: I've been wearing OUT my copy of the Haunted's The Dead Eye
See full review here. I can't say enough good things about it. It's heavy, it's dynamic, it's introspective. It makes me tingle in my boy parts.

The Pop Culturista: I've been enamored of late with my Soul Boys, particularly Ryan Adams and some of his older stuff, from the Cold Roses album. It has a vague country taste to it, which, believe me, is as inexplicable to me in its appeal as it is to you, but there it is. Smooth, melodic, heartfelt. Must be time for my period.

Uberchief/Uber's Corner Sage Francis: A Healthy Distrust
I've listened to a decent amount of Sage. I love his unconventional rhyming schemes, his off-the wall lyrics, and the rhythm he uses. So I was excited to see this new CD out. And while there are several tracks that I absolutely love, one thing is apparent: Sage is really, really pissed off. I'm not sure exactly what he's pissed off about, but whatever it is, it's driving him nuts.

There are three songs worth noting on this album. "Dance Monkey" is a great, beat-driven song. I'm not really sure what it's about, because it's hard to find a common theme between the two verses, but it's fun to listen to and the rhyme scheme is brilliant. It's Sage's standard departure from the norm (ever heard a rapper use the word "cervix" before?) and just a great song to get you going.

"Sun vs Moon" is one of those songs that, no matter the music behind the lyrics, I absolutely love the concept. Fucking Barney the Dinosaur could sing this song and it would still be interesting. The concept is that the Sun and the Moon have a DJ competition, and the Moon gets jipped out of a title that should be his because of corrupt judging. Great concept, great execution.

Last but not least--"Jah Didn't Kill Johnny." This is a melodic departure from Sage's rapping, where he sings about how God would never kill his friend Johnny. Johnny who, exactly? I won't say--finding out the Johnny Sage is singing about is one of the most chilling parts of the song.

Rock Star Mommy/Gabba Gabba What For the past week or so, I've been listening to Cruise Yourself by Girls Against Boys in heavy rotation. This is one of those albums that I play to death for a few weeks, then completely stop listening to and almost forget about for a few months, then dive right back into saying, "How could I ever have stopped listening to this?" It's a brilliant album with a perfect tracking sequence and, in my opinion, their best work.

Pril/Shut Up And Play Guitar I'm listening to the Black Keys "Magic Potion".
I got it last week, then was so enamored by it i lent it to a friend of mine. Nothing else has gone into the CD player, and i'm hoping to get the CD back this week. To numb the need (!!!) to listen to it all the time when i don't have it, i sat down with the geetar and learned a couple of songs off it. I don't know if they're right. I just tried to remember how the songs went and then worked them out.

Why do i like it? Right now it's really inspiring to hear what two people can do with a guitar and some drums. That's what's going on in my garage. The White Stripes did it well, but damn Jack White's voice is irritating sometimes. I love the tone of the guitar work on this album, especially track 3 "You're The One". None of it is very difficult, but a good song doesn't have to be hard to play. It just has to grab you and shake you around a little bit. Make the hair on your arms stand up.

Right at the moment, I'm listening to Crooked Fingers--pretty much the full discography. These guys are great, mellow music. But engrossing-mellow, not boring-mellow. They're the kind of band you might find yourself inadvertently listening to live at a bar and then realizing a couple songs in that they're absolutely great, especially live, and you wonder what the hell they're doing playing the crappy bar you're in. And then, right after that thought, "New Drink For The Old Drunk" comes on and everyone starts yelling and cheering their own alcoholism. Great stuff.

Travis/Your Parents Hate You

I spend a lot of time listening to comedy that I've downloaded from the internet. I came across a veritable goldmine one night and I managed to download the entire Doug Stanhope collection. This was over a year ago and at least one of his albums remains in rotation on my ipod – he’s released five so far. Most comedy that you see - if you ever actually get a chance to see comedy on television, because even the likes of Jay Leno won’t play comedians anymore and I’d like to hit that big chinned motherfucker right in his melon head – anyway, wow I need a xanax - most comedy you come across is very kid friendly, edited, or it’s Carlos Mencia. And while I don’t have anything against Mencia; he’s a one trick pony. And the trick has gotten old.

Doug Stanhope is vile, hilarious, disgusting…and he’s got a few salient points thrown in between jokes about ass sex and midgets.

“Every vice is already a punishment in itself. There should be no such thing as a vice law: every vice is only a bad habit and the punishment is inherent in the act. You smoke cigarettes you get cancer, you die, you don't need a ticket on top of it . . . You gamble, you lose your money, the house has the edge, it's a punishment in itself. You watch too much porno, it diminishes your taste for the kind of girls that will actually fuck you. It's got a down side, I've done every vice that you can think of. I have drank 'til I couldn't remember my own name, I've done coke 'til my nose was bleeding like the fourth week of Lilith Fair . . . I figured it out all on my own. And I've had hookers before . . . I never woke up the next day going: "Man, I'm glad I got a hooker last night; I'm a genius." . . . Now I've gotta check my dick for spots for the next six months. To go to jail on top of that is Double Jeopardy and that’s unconstitutional.”

Doug Stanhope – “Something To Take The Edge Off”

thefinn/livin' in the city: Bridge - Amon Tobin

I don't know a lot about Amon Tobin. I know he was born in Brazil. I know he's a white guy. And I know that when I hear his stuff I'm instantly transported to a jazz joint that doesn't really exist but that should.... A place where Art Blakely still smashes kits, a place where Monk and Mingus make a respectable team, a place where Lee Morgan still blows his horn, despite the gaping hole in his chest.... It's dark and smoky and the best goddamn zombie jazz I've ever heard...

Ernie/The End Zone

Lately I have been listening to a lot of The Supersuckers, 'Paid' and 'Motherfuckers Be Trippin' albums as well as Dwight Yoakam's latest CD, 'Blame the Vain'. Social D is always on heavy rotation. Songs from the album 'Prison Bound' have been popping up on shuffle a lot, as well as songs from Black Flag's 'Loose Nut' and 'In My Head' albums.
The last song my iPod played before heading into the office today was 'Fall On Me' by R.E.M. This is one of my favorite R.E.M. songs and happens to be on my favorite album from them as well, 'Life's Rich Pageant'.

Paul/Out of the Basement: I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters

I like 70's Disco. It makes me feel happy. This song reminds me of when I was kid dancing around to the Bee Gees. It's done really well without being a crappy remake, like the Atari's version of "Boys of Summer" or a lame tribute to the genre. It's genuine, fun, and it's got a good beat. Ironically, "I don't Feel Like Dancin'" makes me feel like dancin'.

Currently Playing in Jo's Life
Music: MeatLoaf's latest album: Bat out of Hell III
(Comments: They cleaned up his voice so it doesn't sound like the older albums. The rough edge to his voice is gone.)
TV: Count Duckula Season 1 (during the day)
(Good 80s fun if you are lacking in company and working on a comic strip.)
AND Sean Connery 007 movies (at night)
(Great old fashioned man-meat to watch and facinating Fem fetales packed into 2 hours of Spy Vs. Spy action!)

Deb/I'll See You On The Ice
I'm starting to get into the Yule spirit...

Playing on my iPOD right now is Richard Cheese (and Lounge Against the Machine)'s Silent Night Club

It's funny and wintery fresh...

Dan- Don't Go In There
I’m sticking with the right now rule, what’s playing right now.

DOA and Jello Biafra – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place from Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbours

That pairing that goes way back. I just can’t dig the Dead Kennedys as much as I used to, but DOA will always be close to the top of my list. Those guys keep working for the right reasons and they just-don’t-stop-a-rockin’. If you want proof just go to Wikipedia and check out their discography.

This song is great and so is the whole album. It’s a good starting point for someone who is not familiar with DOA because it’s got that Kennedys feel to it, but it’s also obvious that it’s not the Kennedys playing. People just don’t talk about DOA enough anymore. Another sign of the end times I suppose.

You know it’s a dirty hippie song, right? That just makes it better when dirty punks take it for themselves.

Keith/The Lift Hill: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing.
It's like a weird Elton John/BeeGees fusion. Makes me want to dance, which is not something that I do a lot of. Most of my dancing is of the Van Halen air guitar variety. Yes, I'm incredibly lame.

Cullen/All About the Guitar: "Just Like Lightening," off Super Colossal, by Joe

I've been a fan of Satch since 1988 when a friend first introduced me to his stuff. He's done a lot of cool, experimental thing since then, both bad and good. I honestly think Super Colossal is his best work since Surfing With the Alien. Maybe better. This song
is just so damn cool. Not only are the licks amazing, but the tone is killer.

There may be better technicians, but no one is as good as Joe.

Kory/Fictional Universe: Curently I've been listening to Roddy von Seldeneck, who isn't especially famous. My wife found him on MySpace
(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=4635067). Note that his material isn't especially safe for work or even good taste....

Turtle/Underground/LNT - Turtle isn't listening to much of anything these days. Yes, he is driving across the country with no stereo in his car. But he was singing a Sham 69 song last night, "Angels With Dirty Faces." Mostly, this particular part:
We're the people you don't wanna know
We come from places you don't wanna go

Assume that the "places you don't wanna go" in turtle's case means Des Moines, Iowa. Again, no offense.

Since the great hard drive crash of 2006, my listening has been somewhat limited, as I lost my collection of 13,000 songs. And now I am having sound driver issues so I can't listen to a single thing on this comp (tech help out there?) and I haven't gotten around to moving the stereo system into this room yet. So I've been listening to the digital cable channel that calls itself Alternative, but is more like a playlist of some 15 year old kid who is wondering if the razor goes across or down the wrists. So let's stick to what's playing in my car.

Queens of the Stone Age - A mix I made, sort of a Best of QOTSA According to Michele. QOTSA is my favorite band. I can't say enough good things about them. Songs that get repeated: Mosquito Song, I Was A Teenage Hand Model, Give The Mule What He Wants, Monsters in the Parasol, You Got a Killer Scene There, Man and their remake of Subhuman's Wake Up Screaming.

Another mix (I love a good mix) with some of my favorite emo-ish stuff on it, most notably Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and My Chemical Romance. Yes, I know. Razor goes across.

And my Turtle mix - I made this when he was on his way to NY for a visit in August, just songs that remind me of him, and I find myself playing it more often now as he makes his way toward his new home here. Repeaters: NYC by Go National, Down on the Days (Pogues remake) by Steel Pole Bathtub, Windspitting Punk by Swingin' Utters (before the crash, I was listening to Swingin' Utters 24/7) and Rico by the Vandals, a song that was Turtle's California send off.

Just a few notes from me on the other writers' songs:
There is no shame in playing Van Halen air guitar.
Richard Cheese rocks the house six ways to Sunday
Sage Francis rules.
There's nothing wrong with 70's disco. Especially if it's got the funk.
To Jo: Let's Get Dangerous!

So there you have it. That's what we are all listening to. Now it's your turn. What's in heavy rotation for you these days?


i know right, now, whiskey drunk @ 4 am, i am listening to the postal service, missing a very dear friend. a dear friend i haven't seen seen since i got married & spawned, but the best friend i ever had...

heavy rotation when it ain't 4ayem and maudlin? well, currently it's camera obscura-let's get out of this country and some other random twee business.


Right now I have on a great mixed CD I made for some American Aquantances...

"The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" ~ Captain Tractor


"The Mermaid" ~ Great Big Sea

We are rockin' the Canadian Ballads this afternoon babies


Sham is the only thing on this list I like and Hinder is huge down here because they played our local alterna-grunge shitfest and another festival with Lynard Skynard who are A) the curse of every kid who lives on the gulf coast and B) Almost all dead so how can they possibly still play?


Pop Culturista--Ryan Adams is fantastic, and I'm not a country listener either. But it just works. It's kind of country, but not really.

Uber Chief--love A Healthy Distrust, and Sage in general. Definitely didn't expect to see him mentioned here. Sun vs. Moon is indeed a crazy song. I love Agony In Her Body, too. A very dark song.


I've been listening to "Wrap It Up" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds quite a bit lately.


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