I Got Yer Hockey Right Here
by Deb Beckers

There are two types of forwards. Scorers and bangers. Scorers score and bangers bang. ~ Ken Dryden

Wadda we got for you? We’ve got the reason Deb never bets on sports, missed opportunities and a bit of nostalgia – not to mention a column that is 99% Rwah free...

Weekend Roundup montreal_canadiens.jpg

I’ll keep it simple...


Ottawa at New Jersey

I picked Ottawa, Jersey won.

Pittsburg at Buffalo

I picked Pittsburg, Buffalo won.

Detroit at Calgary

I Picked Detroit, Calgary won.


Phoenix at LA

I didn’t pick anyone, LA won. Surprisingly it wasn’t a bad game to watch.

New Jersey at Toronto

I picked Toronto, the Devils won.

Buffalo at Ottawabroken_cup_hor.jpg

No Pick, Ottawa won (AGAIN!)

Philly at San Jose

I chose the Sharks, and *gasp* the Sharks actually won! Go me. Revel in my sarcasm.


GREY CUP – I chose Montreal to win, BC won.

I rule.

Next Week’s Picks (ones to watch)


Carolina at Boston

Ward is looking solid in the net (12 of the last 13 starts have been his) and Brind’Amour is rockin with six goals and seven assists in the last eight games. Boston is on a bit of a streak winning four straight (to Nov 18th). Patrice Bergeron has scored the game winning goal in three of the four and assisted on the winning goal in the forth. This one’s going to be a good one if both teams are on their games. Pick: Carolina

devils.jpgPittsburg at RI

The Pens are 8-1 against Atlantic Division teams and sadly I don’t see their dominance changing with this game against the Islanders. The only bright spot for the Isles is LW Jason Blake – he’s off to a career best start scoring a team leading 11th goal in the loss against the Maple Leafs on Monday. Pick: Pens

Montreal at Buffalo

Félicitations to Montréal for scoring their first goal since October 26th (v. Boston). It’s cute how the fans still think they’re the best team in the world. Buffalo leads the league in Goals For, no surprise, and seem to have woken up from their deep sleep of late. They are totally going to kick some Habitant arse.


Boston at Toronto

Will the Bruins’ solid play help them against the, quite frankly, better team? Raycroft is back (thank the Gods) and after working out a few kinks* is playing near his peak. They have a defensemen (McCabe) who’s on a six game point streak and Mats is iffy to play. I pick Toronto (and not just for spite).

Rangers at Pittsburg

This one might be a challenge for the Pens. Jagr just reached his 600th goal )does anyone else miss his hair? Anyone? Bueller?). Shanny is on a six game point streak and the only fly in the ointment is the Rangers tendency to take a few too many penalties. Look for Jagr to score (to make up for not scoring his 600th on them) and some ruff and tumble on the ice. Pick: Rangers

Detroit at Nashville

Edmonton cut up Jason Williams pretty bad (as they are wont to do in Edmonton, but he’ll be back in the line-up for the Nashville game, much to Detroit’s relief. Chelios is one game shy of tying Phil Housely for the most NHL games played by an American player. Assuming he plays on Wednesday (against Vancouver) he’ll break that record at the Friday game at the home of the Blues. Paul Kariya just “celebrated” his 100th game with the Preds and THAT’s about all they have going for them right now. Pick: Detroit


Buffalo at Rangers

Two hard hitting and scoring teams. Buffalo has four days off after this game, maybe they can get some shopping done in NYC, because they’re going to have a lot of energy after beating the Rangers.


You know what totally sucks? The fact that I can write about how good things were in the “good ole days” – I don’t want to be that old, and yet...

Do you remember when referees could take a joke? When you could play “Three Blind Mice” during a game and everyone would chuckle good-naturedly whilst swearing at the bad calls?

You can’t do that anymore. Oh you can still swear (for now), but the days of mice are over, because it’s offensive. I guessing it’s offensive to the refs as I haven’t seen any mice with glasses or canes around the arena lately.

What’s next? I’m not going to be allowed to play the jeopardy theme when they are taking FOREVER to decide on a call? No more Dr. Feelgood? Maybe we’ll have to stop playing the goal horn, after all it’s probably offensive to the opposing team...

Where does it stop? Maybe I can convince them I was only playing “Hot Crossed Buns”...

* I need to take a moment here to let my mind wander, into the gutter.

Deb does indeed rule, for further information on this subject please refer to your Mom.


say deb.....

I have noticed that you missed a matinee game today (Friday).

I can feel you leaving out the Ducks review because of your hated of me.

That's good.

And your hatred of the Ducks only makes them stronger.

Kinda like The Force but with sticks..and ice...and the ghost of Roy haunting over you.

Feel the power of the Ducks...

embrace your destiny, Deb...


NO! *cries like a little baby* IT'S NOT TRUE! BEN!

I know nothing of these manatees!


you had to make me put it in, didn't ya....


i know this has nothing to do with anything, but I said I'd put the pic in the football thread, but it should be here.

carry on.


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