on this thanksgiving
by Kali Pornia

on this thanksgiving
this day of gratitude
i'd like to say thanks to my family
for accepting many and all men
that i've brought home for the holidays.

from the eve that my daddy spent
chasing the green mohawk'd suitor
up the walkway...
(pops in his underwear
and armed with a shotgun)

i would proceed to spend
the next 20 years
give or take
bringing home nearly a different man
for every holiday.
but for our purpose
(and for brevity's sake)
we'll just remember

so thanks, dad
for shaking mark's hand
a fellow musician of sorts.
for telling him that in your day
only junkies and fags grew

thanks, mom
for not being afraid of patrick
the green beret
for letting dad use him as a front
to buy that semi automatic weapon
that he'd always wanted.

thanks, sis
for sitting next to clayton
the gutter punk
for telling him that he smelled
and needed to "pour water on that"
and then laughing loudy while hi-fiving your first husband.

thanks, poppop
for sharing with arnold
the junkie with a boosting habit
that you were a cop
in the good old days
when you could beat people up without getting sued.

thanks, mommom
for singing showtunes with ben
the straight guy with a lisp
for making it clear to me
just why he liked anal sex
so very much.

this white man's holiday
i give thanks to my family
for feeding the homeless and the poor
men that i've dated
and as a gift in return
for their hard work and good behavior
this turkey day
i'm coming alone


Kali 's coming home alone this year. Good luck, Kali.



Now, that is a family to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, kali.


Sometimes coming alone is very satisfying.


Happy Thanksgiving, Kali.


ahahahahaha! o god that was just what i needed! i especially liked the goatee one and the "pour water on that." fucking awesome. happy turkey day!


Hah! Happy Turkey Day to you guys.


I like that picture a lot


happy thanksgiving doll. hope the tarts come out.


Why don't I remember these things??? I mean I remember my first husband but I don't remember Clayton. :-)


love that poem especially the lispy guy ben, australians dont celebrate thanksgiving but have a good one.



You could just change the names and that'd be me. :)


I love that sister pitbull posted over here too :)


Well, I normally don't visit this Thursday site.... Let's just say there are some things I'd rather NOT know. I just came over for a visit to read the poem.


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