suite surrender, part IV
by Michele Christopher

i hear the door handle turn. footsteps and the sound of luggage rolling across the carpet.

a few steps later he appears in the doorway to the bathroom, suitcoat draped over his left arm and pulling a small suitcase on wheels behind him. looking further down the hall, something stops him in his tracks. maybe it's the heat. he turns his head toward the bathroom floor. i watch his eyes follow the path of crumpled clothes toward the bath in which i lay.

eye contact. "oh. uh... hi."

"hi alex, i'm helen." he's perfectly stunned. beautiful in his periwinkle shirt, dark tie and grey slacks. "why don't you set your things down and then come hand me my towel and we'll have a proper introduction."

shy smile. "oh. ok." he turns back toward the room and composes himself, i imagine.

(you were right about his ass. i bet girls go crazy for it behind his back.)

having gathered himself for a few seconds, alex calls to me from the living room. "i asked joe if he wanted me to wait for him, but he said to go ahead. said something about you and i getting acquainted."

"we'll be fine. i think he's due in at 6:30. better here than at the airport for two hours," i answer as he appears in the doorway.

he is italian. for sure. dark curls escaping from the armani shades perched atop his head. the shirt coupled with the stark white of the room makes his dark skin seem even more erotic. he leans against the door jam. he stares straight at me. yes, he seems to have gotten his bearings now.

"happy new years eve." i'm happy to notice that he likes what he sees so far, though admittedly, not much yet.

"bring me that towel, will ya?"womantowel.jpg

he pushes himself off the door jam and pulls the towel off the bar. he walks toward the tub and holds it up in his two hands just out of my reach. ready to cover me after i stand up.

oh. he's good.

i don't miss a beat. i push myself up with my arms on the sides of the tub. i emerge from the water into his waiting eyes. suds wash down my tanned skin, over the curves and into the tub. instead of reaching for the towel, i turn and bend toward the latch to release the water. i rest my hand on the wall, arch my back and look up at him. if this were a game, i'd be up a point again.

i flip the latch, straighten up, and step out onto the bathmat as i reach for the towel. he lets it go into my hands and backsteps to his leaning position at the door. he reaches for the knot of his tie and loosens it revealing the neckline of a white t-shirt.

"he was right, i'm not disappointed."

"and neither am i." i dry my face off with the towel. then my arms, tits and belly. my legs, one at a time. i wrap the towel around my body, tucking the end in my cleavage.

i grab my glasses from the counter as i walk past him, just a little too close, brushing his body with mine, ever so slightly, "you want a drink?" i say softly in his ear before donning my specs and heading out to the living room.

he follows me. "sure. what'ya got?"

"scotch. i think it's only macallan's but it could be worse. have a seat." i motion to the chair beside the couch. the sofa looks comfy, but i need access and stability. he's a good boy. he sits in the chair.

"any trouble at the front desk?" i pour two fingers into the rocks glass, dip my own fingers into the pitcher of water sitting on the bar and flick a few drops at the surface of the scotch.

"nope, i just gave them my name and they handed me a key."

"perfect." i walk toward him. hand him the drink, bend down and kiss him on the cheek. "happy new year's eve yourself."

i walk across the room to the sliding glass door and pull the curtains open. it's just getting dark and the baltimore skyline is lighting up. it really looks beautiful from up here. the blue glow of the bromo-seltzer tower colors the room.

i walk over and step down into the bedroom. i unzip my suitcase, and let my towel fall to the floor as i grab the short black silk robe. turning back toward the room, i slip the robe on and tie it around my waist.

i walk toward alex, who has been watching my every move. i pull out the two pins that have been holding my hair up and shake my head to release the locks. i pull off my glasses and set them on the table.

i place my hands on the two armrests of his chair and lean toward him. my hair falls on his shoulder as i whisper in his ear, "now, about us getting aquainted…"

as i kneel down before him i see the bulge in his slacks begin to pulse and my mouth waters... be continued..

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