Volume 1, Issue 11: The End of a Chapter....
by Jo Carbonell

amie 28 - I have to let it out.JPG

amie 29 - Had to run errands.JPG

These are the last two pages of Volume 1. Next week will be a new chapter in the Amie story.

And now, a little thing we will call Behind The Pen

From Jo:

Do you any questions about the comic, characters or ...well, me? What might you like to see in the future of the story?

Ask away and Jo will answer all your questions!

Well, most. Keep them sort of within the realm of decent. No, she doesn't want to sire your children.

Jo Carbonell does not want to be your concubine, either.

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Who says I don't want to be a concubine?!? I'll take offers! =D No, really, any questions are welcome.


honest. Ask me anything.

really. go ahead and ask. I don't bite....unless I have permission. ;)


i'm not too confused about what is goping on. The guy looks like he is going to be just a pain in ass along the journey.....

i like the way it is going so far.

but, things are always better with a few crying clowns tossed in for no good reason.

I don't know why. people just like crying clowns


Well, Turtle, the character of Erik seems a bit bland in the first chapter, but he becomes comic relief the more you get to know him and his character is an intregal part of the story.
As for the crying clowns,...I'll see what I can do for ya. ;)


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