We Are The Road Crew, Part I
by Michele Christopher

Written on the fly by Turtle as he makes his way - well, sort of makes his way - across the country. Completely ripped off from Motorhead. Part II to follow when he gets to NY.

motoriowa.jpgThe rain comes down it's pouring hard
take one look around my yard
light a cigar and hit the car

watch the road and get that "stare"
i love this state, but with one last glare
leave it behind just get out of there
we are the road crew

gambling town this could fun
windy night i lost the sun
in a casino cause i got the runs

getting tired it's time to crash
rest stop comes i'll make that dash
sleeping in cars was my past
we are the road crew

lemmyiowa.jpgcross the mountains hit the flats
forget the hills cause nothing lasts
no more truck stops that shit's past

gas tank filled it's time to go
another state gone, it's going too slow
michele on the phone saying this shit blows
we are the road crew

cash advance, i'm in a bed
sure they're cheap but as i said
sleeping in my car was in my head

stuck in des moines just waiting to run
thought you lost me but i ain't done
i'm dropping the clutch when i see the sun
we are the road crew

faster than the world - Turtle


\m/ \m/

Nice job, mate... Now quit screwing around and get your ass to Long Island!!


I hear a top 40's hit coming on! BLAH!


Damn dude are you still there? Fuck! And whats with not having a cassette player or radio in the truck?

Anyway, I'm sure it blows being stuck there and wanting nothing but to be getting where you're going. I hope you get out of there and arrive safely in NY very soon.

I don't want to make your mood worse, but Toby Keith is going to be in Des Moines on Sat. Sorry man sounds like you'll probably miss out on seeing Toby live.



Hell, even *I* could outrun him.

Go Turtle GO!


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