Volume 2, Issue 3
by Jo Carbonell

amie2 - wanna talk.JPG

amie2 - moderated metamorphosis.JPG

amie2 - whats its name.JPG

Jo has the ability to change into a little minx

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in think you should name it "bob"

bob is such a cool name

"bob the experiment"


Kinda reminds me of that Star Trek episode with the blue chick in it... or was she green? Hmm.


Actually the experiment has a name, but you won't know it until Chapter 4. Sorry, its not Bob.

As for the blue skin on Star Trek, I think she was green.


Sorry, its not Bob.

ernest bognine?


*LOL* Um, no. But keep guessing. This is fun.


Is it Hue Jorgan?


I am SO not giving anything away! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!


It is not Hugh Jordan, sorry.


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