Chapter 2, Issue 1
by Jo Carbonell

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J.W. Carbonell may be a mysterious woman, but she's not a threat. Maybe.



I know how Erik feels!


If I were in Eriks situation, I would take a nap.

Naps always help to clear the mind and focus on what to eat for dinner.

well, they do for me anyways


Don't wprry Turtle, He'll be getting a night's sleep soon.

BTW - in chapter 4, I'm making you and Michele into characters to thank you for all your help in prom0oting my comic. I'm thinking of making you into a Tortoise named Turtle, what do you think? As for Michele, I'm thinking Zombie!


i would be honored, jo

go for it


OK, I've discussed it with my co-author, Matt, and we agreed that Turtle will be a tortoise that is the band manager for Club Shakra. Michele will (MOST LIKELY) be an undead of some sort who will be the Club Shakra photographer.

Sound good? If there is anything you would like me to add to your characters, let me know. I'm always looking for new ideas.


i like it!

but i want to wear a cool hat.

it's what i do.



It is my life's dream to be a zombie. Thank you for helping me fulfill that. A photographer zombie is just beyond cool.


Turtle, I can definately do the Fedora. Funny though, I have one that looks just like that picture, except its black and felt. I have had it since I was a kid and it still fits me to this day. I do understand the importance of a wonderful fedora. I do have one question though - for artistic referrence do you have a picture of your face that I could see? The only pic I know of shows you on a beach with your back to the camera. Doesn't help me much with the facial features. Also, do you have any tattoos or piercings I should not forget?

Michele, I am honored to turn you into a zombie photographer. Matt and I had a little trouble with this one and then I remembered my mom mentioning that you liked "all things Zombie", so I figured - we'd just make you into one! Its my world, I'm sure I can think of a viable (comic book) explanation as to why a zombie would be working in a dance club as a photographer. (Matthew said it made perfect sense since zombies come out at night and thats when the club is open.)

If there is anything special about your appearance that you would like me to include, just let me know.


I almost forgot to share a story with you. I worked for a zombie once. IT'S TRUE! We had a store here in town called "Boomers". They sold toys from the Baby Boomer era. I went to apply and this short, jazzy, redheaded woman in her mid-40s told me that instead of filling out the answers on my application, I was to make her laugh with it. If I made her laugh, I got the job.

Needless to say when you answer the question "Position Desired" with "Page 52 of the Kama Sutra" - you tend to get hired.

She gave me the job and told me her name was Zombie. (She got the nickname from her son who picked on her for looking like a zombie in the morning.) She was going to be my boss and to this day was the best boss I ever had.

(her real name was Anita).


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