Picks For Kicks
by Deb Beckers

As the year winds down, I thought it might be fun to look back at my picks from the first column of “I’ll See You On The Ice”, just for kicks – Because I’m so good at the picking of the winners and stuff.

jesus-hockey-player.jpgAlso I don’t have enough hate in me for a rant this week. It must be the Christmas spirit or some such shite. I am starting my gift shopping next week, so I should be plenty filled with the hate, for the ranting, next week =)


Carolina Hurricanes: Four game losing streak. Brind’Amour is out with a “lower body” injury and the team is hurting from his lack of leadership on the ice. Sixth in the Eastern Conference and 13th overall.

Ottawa Senators: Three game losing streak. Got hot for a bit, but seem to have lost the momentum – They lost last Sunday (6-2) to COLUMBUS. Gerber (Goal) is starting to look shaky and Emery is a back-up that hasn’t seen much action this season. Tenth in the Eastern Conference and 18th overall.

Detroit Redwings: Three game WINNING streak. Love him or hate him, Hasek is the hottest goalie in the league right now, not to shabby for an old guy, almost makes me respect him, almost. Sixth in the Western Division and seventh overall. If Hasek and the rest of the team stay healthy they should be able to make a pretty good Cup run.

Calgary Flames: Is one win a streak? Iggy is on FIRE (get it?)! He reached a career milestone of 600 points (300 goals – 300 assists) this week and shows no sign of slowing down. Kiprusoff is still solid in goal. Eighth in the Western Division and 16th overall. They are a much better team than their numbers show.

rangersstock.jpgONES TO WATCH

Buffalo Sabres: Who knew they were going to have this kind of season? Deb knew that’s who. They have a 9 in 11 overtime record and although they have slowed down their blistering win pace, they are ranked First in the Eastern Conference and Second overall. Now if only they would get a new logo...

Atlanta Thrashers: On a two game skid, but have the #1 goal scorer, Marian Hossa, AKA my MOO. I bet the Sens are kicking themselves for trading him now =) Another team that if you look at their roster, should be doing a lot better points wise. Ranked right behind the Sabres in the East, they’re forth overall and poised to kick some serious arse.

San Jose Sharks: Even though one of their young players (Mark Bell) is facing felony DUI charges, San Jose is currently holding a 22-19-0 record. Strong on all fronts they are ranked Forth in the West and Third overall (don’t even ask me how that’s possible, it just is).

Water Fowl: This supposed team is on a three game win streak. Whatever. They have the top defense team in the league (Pronger/Niedermayer). Whatever. Selanne leads the league with game winning goals. Whatever. Ranked First in the Western Division and First overall. Je ne care pas. Fekking Ducks.


Toronto Maple Leafs: Hello implosion. Started off sucky. Improved just enough to give fans hope... Before crushing the hopes of millions (okay thousands) of children it into a million tiny pieces beneath their dull, dull skates. The only shining light is Raycroft the Goalie, he is also teh hotness. With one of the highest paid defense lines in the league you’d think they’d, well, defend – nope. They end up participating in most of the goals in their own net. Someone needs to clean house, and quickly or there won’t be a post season, again. Eleventh in the East and 19th overall.

Montreal Canadiens: mmmm Something nice to say about Montreal... ummm... Koivu doesn’t suck, he just got his 18th assist of the season, moving him to first overall in assists in the Montreal organization (341). Actually they’re not doing to badly – Forth in the East and Eighth overall. My firend Aaron (Caz) has an un-natural love for Les Boys.

Colorado Avalanche: Joe Sakic passed Al MacInnis on the list of all time assists this week (moving into the 12th position with 936 assists). The Avs are Ninth in the West and 21st overall. The team should ask Santa for a Christmas miracle.

Edmonton Oilers: Goalie Roloson is the strongest player and had his scoreless streak of 134:45 broken last week. Seventh in the West and 12th overall. They need to get a grip.


Boston Bruins: SEE! I told you that there was hope! Center Patrice Bergeron is on a points streak (3 goals 11 assists in 13 games). Right Winger Glen Murray is just shy of the 600 point mark. Things are looking up =) Twelfth in the East and 20th overall.

The Only Christmas Spirit Deb has can be found in the bottom of a 40 oz’er.


Nice to see The B's get the win last night!


The Isles are 15-11, only three points out of second and seven out of first.

I call that progress. You gotta take what you can get around these parts.


Yeah, save the hate for shopping. See you out there.


Water Fowl: This supposed team is on a three game win streak. Whatever.


don't think I didn't see that!


allow me to explain the sharks situation. they actually have the 2nd best record in their conference, but are 4th because the #1 team is in their division; hence, they'd be seeded 4th for playoffs if they started today. and as it turns out, second in the conference is still good enough for 3rd overall.

as for bell... his stupidity off the ice has him where he is now and frankly, while he is a decent player if he were forced out of the lineup, we've got plenty of good young players in the wings. (pun not intended). if you want want to watch... remember the name pavelski.


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