Volume 2, Issue 5
by Jo Carbonell




Jo will definitely cause you a lot of trouble, but it will be worth it

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I really like the way the use of color has evolved in this series through the postings so far.


and i thought his name was going to be "bob"...


Who did you think was going to be called "Bob"? Erik? He has a name. The name of his character is actually based on a real person, but only first name. His last name is the French version of my own last name. I go by the Spanish version.

BTW - I was roaming online yesterday and found this. I thought of you immediatly.


Thank you for the compliment. As the comic goes on I got more comfortable using the Prismacolor Markers that I have and became more able to draw the characters the way I actually imagine them to look. You will notice that the art does eveolve over time. You should see Chapter 4, thats what I'm working on right now. The art is rather impressive, if I do say so myself----which I just did. ;)



now I am all scared to use them...

I call everyone "Bob" when I don't know their name.

It's a bad habit I picked up along time ago.


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