50 Fake Bands - THE POLL!
by Michele Christopher

Ok, fake bands fans. This is it. The final countdown.

Below is the poll with 50 bands in it. It is now YOUR job to help us establish a Grand Winner!

Vote early, vote often, just vote. We won't be monitoring the diebold machines or anything. Do whatever you want to get your band to win. Within reason, of course.

The poll will stay up through until Sunday afternoon. Winner and NEW CATEGORY will be announced Monday morning.

Thanks for the nominations and may the best fake band win!
(Scroll down a bit, I don't know how this poll makes all this whitespace or how to get rid of it)




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i have 100 percent of the vote right now.

staying up late has it's advantages


HA! Take THAT Turtle!

You know only have 1/3 of the vote.

There are so many good ones, I can't believe I have to choose just one.


Also, isn't it slightly biased to have a picture of Spinal Tap on the article for the voting in which Spinal Tap is a candidate?

Not that we were being super-scientific anyway...


Bias? Us? Never.

Actually, I just put them there because they are the most famous fake band.


Did I miss why the Monkees weren't included? I'm so out of it.


Our crack staff of experts ruled that they were a real band.

I think.

This is not scientific.


I purposefully did NOT vote for Spinal Tap, as I think they'll have the advantage.


a few bands were on the iffy line of if they were bands or fake.

i think we flipped a coin in those cases.


I voted for the Rutles.

Just because I had forgotten about them, and at the time, the hype and the joke were harder to pull off, media-wise. But it was brilliant.


I haven't been closely following the fake band poll, so I don't know how they got in there, but The Groovie Ghoulies are definitely NOT a fake band. The Ghoulies are an awesome punk rock band from Sacramento, CA who've been making records and touring the U.S., Europe and Canada for many years. Beyond their great songwriting and musicianship, they're also truly wonderful people.

The band's name was originally derived from a cool old cartoon series titled The Groovie Goolies, so that may be whence the confusion arose. For anyone who's a fan of that cartoon, a 3-disc DVD set was recently released and the band actually makes an appearance in one of the bonus features, a 45 minute "Docu-comedy".

You can check out the band at their website: http://www.groovie-ghoulies.com

or on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/groovieghoulies

In the poll I voted for Josie & The Pussycats - Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo was the force behind that fake band.


Stan, I know you are a big fan of the real ghoulies.

But the Groovie Goolies (I just realized the name is spelled different) here were a fake band from a cartoon. That's where the real Ghoulies got their name from.

I'll fix that spelling.


The Monkees started out as a fake band, but became a real one not long after. And they weren't bad, either, if you ask me...


I think since Spinal Tap did concerts and put out records they have become a real band in the same sense that the Monkees did, so I voted for someone else, even though they weren't as good.


The Ghoulies are an awesome punk rock band from Sacramento, CA who've been making records and touring

maybe you should have read the review then

The Groovie Ghoulies
It's Hanna Barbera. I love Hanna Barbera. Did I ever tell you guys that they are the best thing that ever happened to cartoons? The really reinvented the art form by cutting budgets and recycling ideas and formats to an almost mind numbing formula. They had some cool moments too. Unfortunately, those cool moments happened over and over and over again. And over. I think these guys were from either Flintstones, Jetsons or Sacramento. I don't know. But they liked to throw a lot of toys when they were on stage.


Leather Tuskidero got screwed again.


So I'm guessing one of TAFCs will be best cartoon and/or best cartoon character?

BTW...nice to see Buckaroo and the boys doing so well.

Remember I'm Chicago born and raised. Al Capone was the first to say, "Vote early and vote often." We love to vote in Chicago. We love it so much, sometimes we don't know when to quit. We love voting so much, we don't stop voting even after we're dead.


Two things:

1) I was forced to abstain from this poll because my choice is "Faith + 1" -- Cartman's Christian rock band from South Park. I mean, they earned a Myrrh Record....

2) I thought it was Boss Dailey (the elder, NOT the current mayor) who first said, "Vote early & vote often." But I've been wrong before....

Great poll though!


Hey Turtle, have you read this one:

or this one...

or maybe this one...

Having seen them in person many times, there is no musical authority on the planet whose negative opinion of the Ghoulies would make a whit's worth of difference to me...


i'm not saying they are a bad band. I was just saying I know there is a band from sacramento called groovie ghoulies as well.

Having seen them many times

I thought you would get the joke about them throwing out toys at their shows that they used to buy at the Wishing Well before shows in Sacramento when they played at Old Ironsides every night, but I guess they might not do that anymore.


and i am no music authority

i still listen to Swedish Death Metal if that tells you anything. And Norwegian.

Cause those guys are just funny to watch


Sorry for the mix-up, it sounded like "you're telling us this band is great, here's a review bagging on them".

They don't throw toys much anymore, but they do still usually decorate the stage with ghoulish accoutrements.

It was really cool getting to see them in Sacramento last summer. They played a show in Chavez Park downtown and the hometown crowd was huge (especially compared to a normal club show)...


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