It's Been That Many?
by Turtle Jones

What am I talking about?bottlethousandollar.jpg

Something we didn't notice until it jumped up on us. We weren't looking for it. It just popped up one day and someone noticed it.

This is the 1,000th post at FTTW.

Holy crap.

We looked today to find when the big change actually happened in the place. The first format change. The first new writers.The first time we realized that this was getting too big for us to edit alone. The first time we asked Finn in to help us out with all the posts that kept coming in. The second, third and fourth format changes.

But we really couldn't find any. They all started gradually and kept changing everyday to accommodate new ideas and new people with new ideas. The closest thing I could find to any big change in FTTW was just this:

This is Faster Than The World, the new home what used to be a small victory.

The changes are evident: new name, new URL, new format and an additional writer. I think you all know the turtle by now. This is his place as well as mine and we will continue to do what we have been doing the past two months over at ASV - punk rock, fast cars and whatever else seems fun at the moment. Same look, same feel, same two bloggers. We apologize for having lost all your comments in the transition, and there will be other glitches like missing pictures, but new beginnings are sometimes like that. Email us if you notice anything astray.

Welcome to Faster Than the World. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Told you there wasn't much there. What is there isn't really what we do anymore. All of it has changed except for one part.

Have fun.

Today we have decided to put up our favorite personal posts from way back. Ones that we had the most fun writing. You might be able to see in some of these the way this site was heading and, if you are new to this site, some of it might be a little different than you are used to, but just remember, this all had to start somewhere.

What You Didn't Know About Snack Cakes
Of Tigers and Rats
Sundays With Friends and Family
Fishin' and Giggin'
Comfort Foods
The First Thanksgiving

Just as an aside, my favorite posts were all of the ones that were happening when I was driving across country. But, I didn't write any of those. I just thought there were an incredible amount of talented people out there who were picking up my slack. I enjoyed reading them all when I arrived on the East Coast. - T

Ok, I get to put an aside in here too. I really love all the car posts we did together, because that's what started the site. My favorite Late Night Typing posts tend to be the ones we had fun writing when Turtle and I were across the country from each other. Writing as a team every night was the thing that held us together when the distance threatened to push us apart. It's a lot more fun writing in the same room every night, but reading those old LNTs will always make me appreciate being together more. -M

Another aside.... What she said. - T

So before we get all teary eyed and stuff (Don't worry. This will be short. 24 is on in an hour) we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been involved in here. Everyone who showed up to add to the 1000 posts. I guess what surprised us the most was how fast it all has been happening. Don't get us wrong. Everyday it still feels like it is the first day and we don't know who is going to be here and who is going to post and what we have to do to get the thing set and ready to go before the next day starts in on us, but it happens.

That is the biggest difference in what was the past and what is now.

It is not Michele and I anymore. It is all of us. And anyone who wants to come aboard for the ride can step up and join it.

FTTW was taken out of our hands along time ago.

So what is up for the next 1,000?

To be honest, the hell if we know. Everyday something new comes up here at FTTW and all we can do is deal with what is happening right now and let the what-ifs and maybes fall by the wayside until we can actually see them.

So we don't know what will happen in the next 1,000.

But, if it is anything like the first 1,000, hang the fuck on and enjoy the ride....


those were funny


Damn Sam. I can't believe we've published that much already... Now I've gotta find a utility to do a word count on the site. Because you've got me thinking and that's never a good thing.


Nice work kids! Here's to another 1,000!


well everyone did it. it wasn't just us. we all made 1000.

that went pretty fast


WOW! It did go fast! I remember my first time at FTTW and thinking how different from asv it was but refreshingly so! I was a FTTW virgin!! I also remember thinking that I am not really going to find anything that would interest me on this "muscle car site" but boy was I wrong! I love it!


WOW! Congrats =) I am just happy to be a part of it for as long as you guys let me *grins*


Nice job you guys! Looking forward to the next 1000.

(note there is comment spam on the tigers and rat story)

- got it. thanks - T


There's always so much going on here. It's been a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what the next thousand brings.


It's definitely never boring around here!


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