It's Morning Already? Group LNT Time!
by Michele Christopher

breakfast112.jpgWelcome back to another edition of Group Late Night Typing. Once again, if you don't know how this works, we think of a question at the beginning of the week and send it out to all the writers and see who responds. If you want to know how we come up with these questions, you can read this thread to understand our thought process.

Anyways, we send out the question and sometimes people respond. Sometimes they don't. We usually get about half of the writers to come out. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. It all depends on the topic and who is around. What can you do.

So after we thought up the topic, the question went out and these are the responses. Enjoy them and maybe try one or two of them out. You never know. You might like them.

Today's question?

Odd food.

What is a food that tastes good fist thing in the morning. A food that may sound odd or weird but you really like it. Could be leftovers to hangover foods to just something that typically isn't considered breakfast food but works.


Branden starts us out.

Breakfast tacos. There are endless possibilities with these culinary treats. My personal favorites are papa ranchera, which has potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, all sauteed together and thrown in a tortilla. The other is eggs and chorizo mixed together, with a little bit of refried beans, topped with copious amounts of hot, homemade salsa. With a little coffee and lots of water, these tacos will cleanse your system and get rid of a hangover in no time flat. Beautiful.


Turtle likes early 80's bands.manich.htm

Menudo. I have no idea where this food got it's legendary anti hangover-myth from. I mean it is boiled cow stomach. Jesus, just thinking of that sober makes me a little green. You damn well know that this food was made the night before. Something the cooks thought of while drunk. "Hey man, you know what we be good? Cow stomach!"
Or maybe it was a mixture of alcohol and pot that brought out this wonderful stew. You know, stoned enough to eat everything out of the fridge including the last sticks of butter and drunk enough to look at "Betsie" in the field and think there must be another part of a cow they could eat. Eat the stomach, man! And it works. Maybe it is the tomatos and the broth or maybe it is the suction cup like feeling of the lining in the stomach as it almost grabs it's way down your throat as it slides on back to your "tummy zone."

Or maybe it's the four beers you drank while eating it.

Doesn't really matter why it works, it just does.


Deb drank too much.

My sister drinks chocolate milk the morning "after" which just squids me out. Unless it's Baileys, nothing milky is being ingested the morning after. Seriously (including what your dirty little minds are thinking, jeeze).

My personal favourite morning food is a medium rare burger with sauteed onions & mushrooms, swiss cheese and a metric tonne of ketchup. I almost died because of this prediliction.

I was at a diner with a friend getting ready to add the finishing ketchup to the burger of perfection. The ketchup was in a glass bottle, you know the kind, you need patience or a bread knife to get any out... But I digress.

The ketchup needed shaking (as ketchup is wont to need) so I shook it. I shook it all over the back of the Hell's Angel who was sitting behind me, emptied the entire freaking bottle. He was a good sport, I only had to buy him breakfast, but let me tell you... My burger never tasted sweeter after that brush with death. =)


Jo likes ice cream.

The weirdest breakfast food I like to have in the morning, usually when no one is around to watch me, is Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. It doesn't matter what flavor, but ice cream just does something to wake me up and put me in a good mood for the start of my day. Even better if you have it over a cup of coffee and a tape of old Looney Tunes.


rweirds2.jpgErnie gets "Chet" on us.

I like a greasy pork sandwich on a dirty ash tray.


Josh does the standby.

My standby weird breakfast food is cold pizza and rooster sauce. That'll put some serious lead in your pencil. However, my absolute favorite hangover remedy food is the Rise and Shine burger. Get the biggest, greasiest burger you can find, slap a couple of strips of bacon, some jalapenos, and a nice, over-easy egg on it. To quote one of the dumbest comedians of all time, and I'll let you figure out who, it'll put some serious hitch in yer giddy-up.


Ian has a sammich that will kill you. In a good way.

Since my favorite weird food is the not-weird-at-all cold pizza (the breakfast of champions), I thought I'd just share my favorite sandwich. And by sandwich, I mean "oh God, I think I'm going to die, someone call the hospital" on a bun.

Take a 9-inch italian hero, slice it in half, and put two spicy breaded chicken cutlets inside. Then, pile in with mashed potatoes (lumpy) and Kraft Mac-N-Cheese, dash pepper over the whole thing, put the top half of the roll on top of the mountain-o-doom, and eat until you pass out.

This sandwich, called "The Comfort Zone" came in 5th in the top 5 sandwich recipes in Maxim Magazine some months ago. And because it came in 5th, it means there are 4 more that are worse. My friends and I all got together and made all 5 one day. The groceries alone cost $80, they took 4 hours to cook it all, and then we exploded. Good times.


Philbrick gets greasy on us.

I find most food is absolutely disgusting in the morning unless it is fried and greasy. Therefore, the perfect breakfast food is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It's nice and heavy and makes for the perfect pre-cigarette meal. A nice fat nicotine buzz awaits after one of these things. There's nothing particularly weird about this, but it's not typically a breakfast meal.


Bonnie is TCB MTO.jimlunch.JPG

When I was in college in PA there was this gas station/convenience store named Sheetz that had MTO (made to order) subs. When thoroughly drunk we would wander into Sheetz and stumble to the touch screen menu and order food. My favorite was the grilled chicken. I can see the touch screen in my mind now and remember exactly where all the condiment buttons were located! Microwaved grilled ckn, mayo, mustard,
blk olives, green peppers, pickles piled into a wheat sub roll and warmed again in the micro!!! Nothing like it...just don't consume unless you are drunk!!


Cullen doesn't really like breakfast.

It is rare that I can eat anything after I wake up. It takes several hours for me to be able to stomach anything. At most, I have a V8 and some Tabasco.

The rare, rare times when I can eat breakfast or when we do the breakfast for dinner thing, I prefer traditional breakfast fare. Waffles and sausage probably being my favorites. And not the sausage links -- gotta be the ground up kind that you make into
patties. Unless it's smoked sausage from Stripling's or andouille.


Shawna once lived in San Diego...sigh...I like San Diego.

Leftover Bo Jangles fried chicken. The spicy kind.

Or leftover carne asada burritos from Marta's taco shop on 30th Street in North Park (San Diego). Man, I miss that place.


Joel's sounds really good right now.

I think the problems with being a vegetarian really come into play during a major hangover. What you need is crazy amounts of grease and fat, but it's a lot harder to get when you're not eating meat. Nonetheless, I've had some success.

These aren't weird--I don't really eat weird food in the morning--but they're good. First, a great one for a hangover is just a huge breakfast. Being vegetarian, that's generally going to include either an omelette with tons of cheese, or a huge pile of greasy hash browns. Actually, it's probably going to involve both. And maybe a side of fries.

Speaking of which, I was just up in Seattle, had a hangover, and found myself at the 14 Carrot Cafe. So I ordered up a Gardenburger and fries, and goddamn, that was a delicious meal. It's standard, sure, and I imagine some of you are gagging, but it worked for me. I drenched that thing in mayonnaise and ketchup, lettuce and onions, and gobbled it down. They did that thing with the bun where you butter and grill it, so the bun is a little crispy around the edges, but still soft. Also, the fries were thick and completely drenched in grease, which I don't normally love, but it worked that morning. Man, it was a fantastic meal.


nacho cheese machine 3.jpgMichele's just sounds painful.

Breakfast used to consist of two cups of coffee and a cigarette. But I don't smoke anymore. So now it's three cups of coffee and a South Beach bar. Well, sometimes. I'm not as good at sticking to diets as I am at sticking to not smoking.

I'm not one of those people who think certain foods should be eaten at certain times of day. I eat breakfast food for dinner a lot, and dinner food for breakfast. Especially leftovers. But I don't always have leftovers.

That's when I make nachos for breakfast. I like to wake my tastebuds up with a bang. Some Cool Ranch Doritos, a ton of shredded mexican type cheese (you know , the kind that comes pre shredded in a plastic bag), buffalo wing sauce, rooster sauce, a handful of jalapenos. Throw it in the nuking machine for about two minutes, then throw a little sour cream or blue cheese on top. Add some more rooster sauce when it comes out of the nuker.

If I have this, I usually won't eat again until dinner. Except for a few Tums for lunch.

Damn, I'm hungry all of a sudden.


thefinn gets you moving.

The perfect breakfast and the perfect hangover cure are never the same thing. The perfect breakfast consists of waffles and home fries and eggs and … And in the space of two sentences, I’ve completely moved off topic. But when I wake up in the morning after a night out with the Gunmen, head pounding and a little nauseous, I have two sure fire cures.

The first, Cold Veggie Lo Mein, may sound a little gross to anyone who hasn’t tried it. It’s your standard Chinese fare, but the noodles and the grease do a fantastic job of quieting a queasy stomach. And after a night in the fridge, everything will be well congealed and easy to swallow. The veggies take a little longer to kick in (and give you a nice boost), but around two o’clock on a busy afternoon, you’ll be glad you had them.

The other sure-fire hangover killer isn’t used as often as it used to be, for two reasons. It’s a multi step cure and requires a convenience store. That’s usually not a problem in the city, but I understand that there are places where you don’t have five convenience stores within a two block distance. It’s pretty simple though, if you have all the required ingredients. You need some Tylenol (3), a box of little chocolate doughnuts, the biggest caffeinated soda you can get your hands on and the knowledge that this will only last for about four hours. After consuming that much chocolate, caffeine and sugar, you will be ready to roll. But once your body burns it up, you be left a jittering, shaky mess.

Both of these should get you moving and grooving after a long night out, but remember that prevention is the best cure of all.


So those are the responses we received this week. Pretty good compliment of the writers. As I said, usually about fifty percent. And as always, if you feel you have something to add to our group, please gmail at and we would be happy to talk to you. Maybe you have something to add to FTTW.

Have a great weekend everyone and if you are hungover, feel free to try any of these.

Just don't blame us if doesn't work.

But these work for us.

That's all we can say.

What works for you?

Late Night Typing will resume its regularly scheduled chaos on Monday.



There are two:

Cheesburger Deluxe from the closest Diner/Deli. You folks on the East Coast know what I mean, and I have to tell you, they get hard to find the further West of Chicago you travel. I'm talking at least a 1/4 pound burger with SWISS cheese, thank you Deb, tomato, onion, lettuce and a large dollop of thousand islad dressing. Side of fries, hopefully crinkle cut.

The other is the weird one unless you're into oriental food. A friend of mine turned me on to this. On one of THOSE Saturday mornings he picked me up and simply said, "Follow me." Since he was and a man of few words, I followed. Seriously, he was one of THOSE kinds of oriental guys, too cool for words. We walked down one of the "Elwood" streets (the ones that have the elevated trains right out the door, yes, that's where Danny got his name in Blues Brothers) and walked into one of those hole in the wall restaurants and sat down. A little oriental woman came out. Sparling ordered us both a BeBimBop. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's...Korean Sheppard's Pie. A big bowl of rice, covered in steamed vegetables and shredded BBQ beef, all topped with a fried egg. Then you take a squirt bottle of what I call Korean Ketchup and cover it all with a HOT HOT HOT chili sauce. Stir well. Eat with chopsticks no matter how shaky you are. That's part of the deal, getting your coordination back.

Everything else is pretty normal.

And we do the same thing. Sometimes we just do breakfast for dinner. I'll be glad when Boyo gets some more taste buds though. He doesn't like my garbage eggs yet.


I'd have contributed but all my favourites were taken. Anything left over from the night before is just about perfect.

I gotta say though, I'm looking forward to trying out Ian's Comfort Zone Sammich.


Then you take a squirt bottle of what I call Korean Ketchup and cover it all with a HOT HOT HOT chili sauce.

Rooster sauce?


Cheesburger Deluxe from the closest Diner/Deli. You folks on the East Coast know what I mean, and I have to tell you, they get hard to find the further West of Chicago you travel. I'm talking at least a 1/4 pound burger with SWISS cheese, thank you Deb, tomato, onion, lettuce and a large dollop of thousand islad dressing. Side of fries, hopefully crinkle cut.

Hell yes. I always get swiss cheese, too. I don't get the thousand island dressing, but i will mix ketchup with mayo. Also, we always bring rooster sauce to the diner with us.

I prefer steak fries to crinkle cut. and if you want to be really decadent, get a side of brown gravy to dip the fries in.


Rooster sauce is GOOD, but a lot of restaurants make their own.

That's it, I'm calling my wife and we're having Korean for lunch.


Brown gravy and steak fries...mmmmmmmmmmm (making noises like Homer slobbering over donuts.)


Since your mouth (and breath) still tastes like them from the night before, I'm gonna have to go with the White Castles you passed out before finishing off.

A close second would be Popeye's fried chicken.


for the new years hangover, its black eyed-peas for breakfast. Only on NYD though. I'm a little like Cullen and can't usually cram anything down my gullet until i've been awake for a few hours. It doesn't matter when i wake up, either... i usually wait about four hours to eat. But.. mmm... the kickin hangover breakfast is white rice with some brown sugar and a pat o butter.


The best hangover food\drunken breakfast food I ever had was when I lived in Rochester, NY. It is the greatness known as the Garbage Plate. Take a plate, fill one half with mac salad, and the other half with home fries. Throw 2 cheeseburger paties on top. Add sauteed onioins and peppers on it. And then add the special Rochester meaty hot sauce on top. The sauce is the key, it just looks like bits of wet very ground beef. But it is what makes the whole thing.

A meal like that gives you enough balast to maintain for days. Main I wish I could find it here in Houston.


Chicana Omelete. This little dive in this real shitty part of the city made it. Scrambled eggs with this meat stew dumped on with about 3 tortillas to go with it.

I would drive through ghettos and a farmers market to get this stuff on sundays.

it's where I first fell in love with Rooster Sauce.

drool, indeed


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