Never Go To The Rink With Wet Hair…
by Deb Beckers

A little tired, a lot drugged up with the good cold medicines with codeine, this week all you’re getting out of my foggy foggy brain is a couple of stories that caught my eye this week and a promise that next week we’ll have a long(ish) discussion about the All Star Game and the upcoming playoff races. They’re not that far away really… Is it summer yet?

Frozen hair.jpgThe Problem with Video Replay

We talked about what would happen when the league got rid of the on-ice goal judges right? Video replay judges. But I just found out something that you all don’t know…

The Video Replay Judges are not even AT the same rink. They’re in Toronto, drinking real beer and deciding whether or not your puck went over the line.

Normally I am ALL about Canadians having some façade of control over the game that we all love (and Bettman hates), but if you’re judging something I kinda feel that you should at least be in the same arena as the game. Gives you a feel for it, makes you focus so you ENSURE you get it right so you won’t face a lynch mob in the parking lot.

Take last Sundays Chicago/Minnesota game. A possible shootout goal by Chicago’s third shooter (Arkhipov) was disallowed after a review. Boo Hoo right? After “careful consideration…”, “one team isn’t going to like the outcome anyway…” crap from Colin Campbell (Director, Operations – NHL) a “close call” was made and they called it a day.

I watched the game – I saw the replay – It was about two inches over the goal line before it was smothered by the goalie. This is going to be fun next season.

The play ends when the puck stops moving right?

Minnesota’s goalie (Fernandez) says “I don’t think it went in.” They obviously listen to goalies.

Pittsburg Takes Control of its Own Destiny

Let me get this straight.

mario-lemieux.jpgThe reason that Jim Balsillie backed out of his deal to buy the Pittsburg Penguins was because the NHL (*coughbettmancough*) wasn’t going to let him move the team. Would not even consider it. Balsillie forfeited $10Million dollars.

Now the league is allowing current owner Mario Lemieux to “entertain offers” from other hungry non-NHL cities while they continue to try and reach a deal with the city of Pittsburgh for a new arena.

The Pens are free to move when the 2006-2007 season ends.

I understand that Ontario really can’t support another NHL team, but what about Winnipeg? Quebec and the Maritimes?

I am going to have to face the fact that as long as a) Bettman remains the head; and b) taxes and incentive are not forthcoming from Canadian Provinces (did you know Ottawa and Montréal pay more tax than ALL the US teams combined?), we are not going to get a franchise.

It still makes me very very angry at the double standard though.

Meet Yutaka Fukufuji, the first native Japanese player in the NHL

fukufuji02.jpgFirst of all, what a great last name.

January 13th LA Kings coach Marc Crawford replaced Goalie Brust with Yutaka making NHL history.

They lost 5-4, with Yutaka stopping 4 of 5 shots. Well it’s the LA Kings, so really it’s not that surprising.

He was an 8th round pick (238th overall), he 6’ 1” and 180lbs. He grew up playing hockey in a small Japanese town named Kushiro, being the goalies because no one else wanted to be.

He saw his first NHL game when he was 15 year old, and never even thought about playing in the NHL until he was drafted. He had been scouted while playing on Japan’s national team. He played for Bakersfield in the ECHL and had a 27-9-5 record with a 2.48 GAA. Not bad, not bad at all.

The Kings need all the help they can get in the net right now (and on defense and offense – what’s with all the soft third period goals?) – I say Good On Ya. He’s going to be an interesting player to watch.

Deb’s looking for the Hot Toddy fountain, call her collect if you find it.



Meet Yutaka Fukufuji, the first native Japanese player in the NHL

whatever happened to Manon Rhéaume? She was supposed to be in Playboy, ya know....

/just ignore me


I watched most of the B's game last night but then I was flipping channels during a commercial and saw that 'Roadhouse', featuring Mr. Patrick Swayze, was on and had to see what happened for the 100th time. There is a lot of fighting and swearing in that one.


There is a lot of fighting and swearing in that one.

that's why it is one of the greatest films of all time


PLUS you get to see Mr. Patrick Swayze's quarter bounce-able ass.

But that may just be a plus for me ;-)

Ernie - I am so sorry. The Bruins are destructing faster than, well, anyone else really. You can give up hope now.


A quick correction. You wrote about video replay judges and said "The Video Replay Judges are not even AT the same rink. ".

In San Jose, we have video replay judges on-site. Now I could be wrong, but my understanding is that they can and do get input from the NHL monitors in Toronto if there is any doubt or if they are wanting the perspective/opinion of the officials there.


Ac - you may have the judges now, but according to a source I have in the NHL (in toronto) they are going to be phasing them out (along with the at ice goal judges), the game mentioned above was one of the test games.

So you're right, for now =) I should have been more clear, appologies.



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