The Back Booth
by Tim O'Connell

Introduce Myself, Why Not?

Michele's been asking me to join the band here at FTTW for awhile and with everything going on, I was kind of putting it off. Then I realized I was spending more time commenting here than I was writing over at The Daily Brief.

That makes sense to me. Even back in the ASV days I felt like had Michele and I grew up in the same neighborhood in the same town, we would have hung out, listening to her cousin's or my big sister's albums when we could get out of their houses with them under our army jackets or pea coats. We would NOT have dated...that would have been weird, genesis11.jpgbut we would have bought beer for one another and hung out when the other's umfriend turned into a bitch/dick. We both knew that guy who carried his guitar with him where ever he went and wore John Lennon glasses and smelled like a cat box and refused to learn the words to Louie Louie/Hang on Sloopy yet insisted on singing them at every freaking party. It's not just 'Chele. All ya'all here seem to have grown up doing the same shilly sit (sic) and now we're over it trying to figure out what to keep from the old days and what to drop and how the hell to be grownups and parents for Christsakes. How the fuck did our generation get through the 70s and 80s without going completely batshit crazy, I dunno.

Wow, "The Carpet Crawlers" just popped up on Radio Paradise , I wish I could import RP into my car. Genesis was so fucking GOOD with Peter Gabriel.

What? Your head never does that? Shhhhaaah.

So I'm over here now and if you're expecting military news or political rants, ummm, you should probably go over to The Daily Brief 'cuz I'm going to leave that over there. Better still if you want mil news, hit up Blackfive or Greyhawk. If you do go over you'll see I don't write much of any of that anymore anyway. It's kind of been boring to me.

I'm more likely to go off about a new favorite album or old favorite album, or sci-fi novel or latest Eastern Philosophy thing that's caught my eye. I watch a LOT of TV and movies. I practice Tai Chi. I play Frisbee with our dog Max when it's fucking warmer out and this winter fucking SUCKS for the cold and wind and snow. I'm not a huge sports fan but if Da Bears or Cubbies are doing well I'll be doing happy dances.

Sometimes you might see this out of me too:
Listening to: The Wallflowers, Gin Blossoms and Toad the Wet Sprocket. I think it's the cold weather...these are summer bands in my head.
Reading: The Spiritual Path by Osho. Yeah, I know he was some sort of culty Guru but so far his take on Buddha is pretty clear-cut. It was on sale at Borders...shrug.
Watching: I gave in and started watching 24 again this season after missing a couple seasons. The DVR makes all the difference. So currently, it's 24, House, Grey's Anatomy, CSI (not any of the tagalongs JUST CSI), American Idol and waiting for Battlestar Gallactica to start up again.
Cool Blog of the Week: Lifehacker really good and yes, useful, downloads for both Mac and PC., I'm a recently converted Machead. When my Toshiba started acting weird I bought a MacBook Pro based solely on the performance of our iPods and iTunes. Yeah, I'm one of them. Couldn't be happier. I'm sold. If we could get more games for the bigger Macs, we'd go Mac throughout the house.

What else, oh, we're getting ready to retire from the Air Force and move back home to Idaho. Gorgeous Daughter lives there with Dashing Son In Law and our best friends are back that way. Boyo's 10 and has more air miles than most grownups who don't travel for a living. It's time to settle him down where he can make friends he isn't sure he's going to have to say goodbye to.

And that's enough out of me for the first time. I've got stuff ta do.

Timmer's settling in. Say "Hi", dammit!



welcome aboard!


Welcome, Tim. Congratulations on the upgrade from commenter to writer.

To the FTTW readers - Timmer and I go back a long ways - he's a good writer and a lot of fun to have around.


Welcome aboard, Timmer. It's almost like you were writing here anyway. :)

Whereabouts in Idaho are you from? My dad's retired Air Force and we lived in Mountain Home briefly (a year and a half).


I'm originally from Chicago but definitely NOT retiring back there. I love it but I can't afford to live where we want to live. I'm not doing suburbia. My wife's family and a lot of our friends are in Boise. We'll settle around there. Already looking for a house and work.

We met when I was stationed at Mountain Home. I was there for four years! I swear that base should be a stateside remote. I hear they finally got a WalMart in town.


If you think it was bad as an active-duty airman, imagine being a 16-year-old trapped there!

I moved there from Biloxi and we moved back to Biloxi from there -- thank God. I was much happier living so close to New Orleans.


Hi dammit.


Yeah, welcome dude


Yeah, I hear hanging out at Railroad Park was da bomb.


Welcome to the family, mate.


Great to have you here Timmer. You're already a great person in my mind since you like Toad.


"like Toad" of "lick Toad" ? I always gt that confused...


Toad the Wet Sprocket never got the respect they deserved. I've never met anyone indifferent to them, ya either love 'em or hate 'em.


Hi Timmer

Speaking (loosely) of OSHO and Zen and spirtual-there-are-no-coincidences, I must report that your mention of Radio Paradise is the second one I've seen in a couple of days and this has got to be a sign.


please tell me it is. I need to believe in something damn it.



There are no ordinary you should go to NOW (there is no other time) and give them money so I don't feel guilty (my choice but you can counteract it) for not sending them anything since the five bucks of November 2004 (a period of time that may or may not have existed in any other reality).

Alternately: Ummm, they're a good web radio station, lots of folks listen to them.


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