This One's For The Bangers
by Deb Beckers


…and the mashers, and anyone who has ever been the person who maybe isn’t the best at what they do, but who is good enough to get a shot and certainly shows up every day, putting in time, playing for the love of the game.

This is…

Rory Fitz 01.bmpThe Ballad of Rory Fitzpatrick

We all know guys like him. They get to come up to the big show for more than a sandwich and a handshake, but aren’t the name stars. 3rd or 4th line is about all they make, but in truth the game couldn’t survive without these guys.

Rory Fitzpatrick is a Rochester NY native who currently plays for the Vancouver Canucks. He was drafted by the Montréal Canadiens in 1993. From the time he was drafted Rory has played for (lets see if I can get this right…) the Sudbury Wolves (OHL), Fredericton Canadiens (AHL), Montréal Canadiens (NHL), Worcester IceCats (AHL), Montréal again, St. Louis Blues (NHL), Worcester again, St. Louis again, Worcester again, Milwaukee Admirals (AHL), Hamilton Bulldogs (AHL), Nashville Predators (NHL), Rochester Americans (AHL), Buffalo Sabers (NHL), Rochester again, Buffalo, Buffalo, Rochester, Buffalo… until landing in Vancouver.

Nice resume. As you can see he was the perfect choice. How can you hate him? You can’t, he’s a hard worker. This season he is +3, 22 PIMs, and has one assist in 28 games. Not really an offensive threat, but his plus/minus shows that he’s definitely more than a pylon on defense. Maybe Montréal should try and get him back eh?

The thinking when a grass roots movement started? Why not send a regular Joe to the All-Star game?

Why not send Rory Fitzpatrick?

I’ll bet the talking heads at NHL headquarters are kicking themselves for allowing hockey fans to vote as often as they like. Heh. At least until they realize what a great FREE marketing tool this has been, for Rory and for the NHL.

Rory Fitz 03.jpgThe movement even has its own website – I should point out that this was not done with Rory’s consent or knowledge. Although he is getting a kick out of it, along with some of his teammates who wore “Vote for Rory” shirts to practice.

There have been some media writers and commenters who have jumped on the bandwagon, but the detractors need to take a pill. If I hear one more thing about who DESERVES to go, I’m going to have to go medieval on their collective asses. 905 of the people who deserve to go don’t because it’s a POPULARITY CONTEST. It’s like the cool kids finally get that the geeks get a vote too and are trying to make them look bad for supporting this campaign. Get over it.

In an amazing groundswell of support Rory amassed (voting closed January 2nd) 555,177 votes, putting him third (behind Neidermayer 591,657 and Lindstrom573,069 and ahead of Pronger 433,972 – seriously? I only care that he’s beat Pronger). At one point he was second (top two go to the game)!

I hope that the NHL decides to send him anyway. The fans would certainly love to see that. All Star games are usually BORING. I’d actually watch it if Fitzy was there.

So? Whadda think? Should he stay or should he go?

Rory Fitzpatrick Attack Ad: Scott Niedermayer

Rory Fitzpatrick Attack Ad: Nicklas Lidstrom

Rory Fitzpatrick Attack Ad: Chris Pronger

While Deb does not generally play well with others, she makes an exception for hockey boys and smrt people. Generally.


I think it would be awesome if he got in. Like when Rudy gets to play in the Notre Dame game at the end of the movie.

By the way, that Bruins game last night was ridiculous. I can't believe they lost that game. I went to bed after overtime. I knew they'd lose the shootout... :-P


That Bruins Islander game was GREAT.



Yeah I had a feeling you would be VIVIDLY happy this morning Michele. Ha ha.


I loves me an underdog =)

Too bad for the Bruins though, they're too far under to even be considered anymore. What happened to that (short) period when they were winning games?

Hell I bet even I could beat them, on my own, with no equipment. Maybe they should let the fans play?


I don't know the dude but his smile is mesmerizing


I think he looks either stoned or retarded.


He's a defenseman... It could be either.


Hehehe. Touche.


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