Volume 2, Issue 8
by Jo Carbonell




Jo has spent a lot of time in the Weed Fairy's room. If you know what we mean.



the weed fairy?


looks like my college dorm room


Actually, the room is made up. I needed something that looked like a Opium den. The "real" Weed Fairy lives in upstate NY with her loving boyfriend. But, she's pretty much like that. We call her a "professional pothead".


professional pothead

Can someone please pass this on to the guidance counsellors? If I'd have know it was an option...


Deb - *LOL* Yeah, they didn't tell me either. I didn't even know it was an option until AFTER I graduated. Had I known I would have tried harder. ;)


I DO know that the Weed Fairy had to spend a year abroad in France to learn some of the ancient secrets of the sacred rolling of cone-shaped splifs with paper filters mixed with Spanish Hash.

Must have been awefully har don her. She was constantly forced to party with beautiful French boys who wanted to make love to her every night and wake her every morning with a kiss and a toke.

I love the Weed Fairy! She's had SUCH and interesting life so far! (Can you believe she's only 25 y/o?) She's also one of my closest friends.

Unfortunately one of the downfalls of being a "Professional Pothead" is that earlier this week the real Weed Fairy's new apartment was robbed by a 16 y/o kid who walked by and smelt .....YOU GUESSED IT!-
Pot. He robbed them for weed, 1 piece, the alcohol (she's a chef), her iPod, her camcorder and her boyfriend's porn collection.
The sad part is that while she's the victim of the robbery, she now has to go to court for possession. Thankfully its her first offense and it was in her home and there was only enough for personal use.


(okay, off my soapbox now. did I mention I just might be a tad......toasted?)


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