Completely Awful People And The Utterly Disconnected Masses
by Jay Scott

So I had some time off and got around to watching some TV shows I never really had any interest in. Reality TV to be exact.


Let me start by saying there are some really really stupid shows being made today. Let's start with what I would consider the worst offender.

rhw2.jpg“Real Housewives of Orange County” I have never in my life seen such vapid, worthless, snobby, idiototic, obnoxious, obtuse, self absorbed, narcissistic asshats in my life than the people they put on TV with this show. If you have had the joy of seeing this, then for the entire state of California, let me be the one to say I’m sorry. These people don’t represent us in any way. I know everybody has people like this in whatever city they live in, but this is just a bit much for me. I mean, there are people in Beverly Hills that gotta be looking at this show thinking, “Wow, those are some obnoxious wannabe rich snobs with partial retardation.”

Seriously. These people are the very ones that likely bought Paris Hilton's Cd (mystery solved!) These people are INSANE. It seems to me that having big boobs and being as dumb as a bag of rocks is all that really makes you a real housewife of Orange County. They wander around through life wanting to be actual people of influence. All they are in the low end is people with money. They seem to have been spawned from the loins of writers from “Days of Our Lives.”realhw.jpg Because these people can't be real.

Well, infact they are real and as punishment for something I did in my past life, one of these TV Tarts lives in my neighborhood. Swell. These are the people that really think money means everything. Jebus H. Their kids are a mess, in serious need of therapy. And while admittedly hot, the daughters of these women are as vapid and empty as a box of air. These people are embarrassing. Sadly, I don’t think they know just how awful and sad they come off as. Reality TV has given just about everyone their 15 minutes, but my god, these idiots need to be launched into space, never to return. Even Anna Nicole Smith is embarrassed for them. How sad.

It's sad to see that these people wander around doing what they do, acting how they do. These are the people that think because they have a little money, they don’t have to be polite to regular worker bees, they can look down on people with less pricey cars, and would feel really sad for you because your purse isn’t a Dooney and Burke. How can you live!! How sad for the rest of us.

Anyways, some other offenders in this insane trip down “Look at me” lane are:

I Love New York. All I have to say about this show is: What the holy fuck is that?

Top Chef Survivor meets Julia Childs. Wow, these people have such high self importance issues. I mean, you’re a cook, get over yourself Wolfgang.

The White Rapper Show I never thought I would use the following in a article, but never ever has there been a more appropriate time to say “L-O-fucking-L” than the first two seconds I saw this show. They should have called it “Who wants to be dumber than K-Fed?”

yomtvraps.jpgListen fellas, the last time somebody tried to copy the Beastie Boys, who have the corner on the whole White Rap gig FYI, we ended up with Vanilla Ice. Please please please let it go. Whitey can't rap. I wonder what the fallout would be if some network had “The Black Accountant Show” or the “Hispanic Stock Broker Show”. Wow, this country is really fucked up isn’t it? We are so not the people who grew up playing on real asphalt with lawn darts anymore. Being “PC” or “Politically Correct” for those who were born after the 90’s, has just taken over everything. I know they would shit themselves and good ol Rev Jacskon and that other guy, the one with serious with issues, Al whatshisface, would drop dead if there were such reversals. I digress.

Armed and Famous Yeah, Im sure every single law enforcement official in America is happy about this. I mean really. I’ve have seen a movie by the Fat Boys that was more amusing. Yeah, that one.

So all I can say is no wonder the rest of the world thinks we're pretty much a joke of a society. Look at what we put on TV to reflect ourselves.

Well, like the old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

Jay shot a hole in his TV after watching Flava of Love



I feel your pain man. Britian's TV is mostly reality TV shows and shitty soaps. At least in America there's brilliant Dramas like The Sopranos and great comedies like My Name is Earl. British TV is crap. Cirque de celebrity, where a bunch of Calabrities ZZZZZ list stars train to be circus performers, Celebrity love Island where a bunch of "People I have never heard of" are dumped on an island to pair off with each other and start shagging and Celebrity Taxes where a buch of Celebrities do their Taxes, last one is made up but it will probably happen. The list goes on and on. And then Coronation Street and Hollyoaks (SOAPS) are the only mainstream alternatives. American TV rules.


I turned on the Housewives show once and was completely disgusted by it. I admit I watch a lot of reality tv, but this was one too horrid for even me.

I do like the white rapper show. But maybe that's because I look at it as pure entertainment and not social commentary.


hey, disorderlies ruled.


I Love New York is the shit. It's fucking hilarious. Most of those shows are as long as you don't take them seriously.


Most of those shows are as long as you don't take them seriously.

Sadly, its the fact that most of these people believe that its their reality that real.

I'm big on the whole social commentary reflected in what people watch being a measure of what people will believe is real life. Just look at shows like "My Sweet 16" where these empty vessels of people plod along in these bubbles they call life.

I think its sad and sick at the same time.

Its like a Tod Browning film on "Fellini acid" with a Terry Gilliam made vodka chaser.

Whoa, that was a odd metaphor.


I'm big on the whole social commentary reflected in what people watch being a measure of what people will believe is real life.

I fully disagree with that theory. I know more people who watch shows like I Love New York, Trading Spouses and the like for the hilarity of it than anything else. No one I know thinks these shows are anything like real life. In fact, they are the farthest thing FROM our real lives, which is probably why we watch them. It's not like I want to come home from work and and watch someone type court judgments into a computer for eight hours. I want to watch someone do something that is totally the opposite of my life....reality tv (and most tv by my measure) is escapism. I don't watch white rappers because I want to be one, I watch it because laughing at some of them is pure entertainment.

But MC Serch is way cool.


I fully disagree with that theory

Look at it this way, people like you and I and people we know are not Mr and Mrs Middle America. trust me when I tell you that people in, say Oklahoma, think RHofOC is how it is out here. Reality TV Producers count on that fact, and they have some pretty interesting data to back it up. Lowest Common Denominator. Like Springer and the like.

Its not like watching a sitcom with "made up" stories, your seeing something billed and sold as "real". Then, spend some time with Europeans and they will tell you that its a reflection of our culture. Enter, the ugly Americans.

You get you stereotypes, your opinions about other places and people from somewhere, TV is one of those places.

Take a look at how the rap Culture has affected people in the inner city. Thats a subject all its own. It goes on and on.


"My Sweet 16" where these empty vessels of people plod along in these bubbles they call life.

EXACTLY. Not only is the show hilarious, but every time my girlfriend and I watch it, we want to call our parents to just tell them thank you for not being completely worthless assholes at raising children.


When we were planning my daughter's sweet 16 last year, I sat her down in front of that show and and said: "Study this show. Whatever these girls get - you're not."


When we were planning my daughter's sweet 16 last year, I sat her down in front of that show and and said: "Study this show. Whatever these girls get - you're not."

Heh Heh, awesome. That show is mindlessly wee-tard-ed.


"Study this show. Whatever these girls get - you're not."

That's what I'm saying. I feel like an old man talking about the old days when I'm watching that show. "She got a MERCEDES? When I was 16, I got a minivan with shot power steering and a dead rat carcass in the engine, and I liked it!"


I have to agree with all of you. I've watched that show as well just to see what it's all about. Those women are nothing but winer babies who carry on like children when they don't get their way. It's pathetic. I have a fancy car, but I worked my butt off for it. I do get stares because I drive a 2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. When someone tells me that I have a nice ride, I simply reply: "It's reliable and that's all that counts." I see this dude on the show with the hummer. He can trade his wife in for a pet monkey and I don't think anyone could tell the difference.


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