Dear Francis
by JK Murphy

Another new author? Yes, it's another new author. Meet Jennifer, video diarist and the newest member of the FTTW clan.

Jennifer tells us a bit about her column:

"Verbal Diary-ah": Egos and alteregos express the goings-on in their complicated, tortured lives through open letters and diaries. These individuals appear to suffer from several psychological disorders. Rebecca Judith Stone takes hold of my pen quite regularly as she is particularly afflicted and oppressed in her everyday life. Writing letters allows her to 'settle the score' by blaming those who are responsible, accusing those who aren't, all the while ambiguously admitting to having committed rather
hideous crimes against humanity and society. Children, tennis instructors, and cats are regularly injured. Inspiration comes from the sound of waves lapping against rocks and sand; the crunch of leaves underfoot in the tender thrust of fall; tiny footsteps up a carpeted step, the creak of a door, the rustling of bedsheets, the calm, calculated placing of hands around a slumbering neck, and then the near silent gasp of an ex-lover as he takes his final, stifled breath of air.

Jennifer at Youtube


Ah shit that made me laugh.

Welcome, Jennifer!


that was good



Awesome. Welcome aboard.


I think I dated your sister.


Megan or Sarah?


That was brilliant!


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