Out The Door
by Bonnie MeyerRosa

Everyone has those days where they just can’t get out of bed. We either don't sleep well the night before, stay up too late on the computer (no one at FTTW would do that!), or just don’t feel like dragging our sorry asses out of bed. My five year old is the last of these. Well, I wouldn’t say “his sorry ass” doesn’t want to get out of bed but he just likes to sleep! He always has.

When he started Kindergarten we decided to let him take the bus. School starts at 8:30 am and the poor thing gets on the bus at 7:00 am. Some mornings I drive him so he gets to sleep for an extra hour, but normally I wake him up at 6:30. He gets up, gets dressed, has breakfast and is ready to go. There are some mornings that I have to drag him out of bed, dress him and shoo him out without breakfast.

Today was different. Today the bus came a little early and I freaked out! Not really sure why I reacted the way I did, like this bus was his only way to school and I couldn’t drive him and that I would go to Bad Parent Hell for having him miss the bus.

Let me illustrate what I did.


I dragged the poor little guy out of bed by his foot and started running for the door. Yes, my son almost went to school with his footie pajamas on today. I was going to throw him on the bus in his pajamas! What the hell is wrong with me??

Luckily we have an amazing bus driver. She has felt bad since day one that she has to pick up PJ at 7:00. She understands that five year olds (and their mommies) can’t always make the 7 am bus pick up - she drove around the block once and came back for him! Thank goodness. He surely would have been picked on for wearing bright blue footie pajamas to school.

Bonnie has recently discovered the wonders and joys of MS Paint.



I used to have the same thing when I was a kid, Bonnie. School started at 8:30, bus usually arrived at my stop at 7. Pain in the ass.

Nice job on the MSPaint--looking forward to more masterpieces!


You came so close to scarring your child for life. I love it.

Love the graphic, too.

Nice to have an understanding bus driver. I remember being a kid and how hard it was to get up.

Of course, hell, it still is, but now all I have to wake me up is an alarm clock. I don't think that's a good trade.


ohmygod - I love it!! I just recently started animating my blog, emails, you name it. (Because I believe animating your life it really the key to getting through it.) But I also(and more importantly) remember doing stuff just like this to my kids when my kids were little. We get so concerned with "schedules" we lose our common sense.


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