by Joel Caris

Today's Lo-Fi column is brought to you by unforeseen circumstances and extreme fatigue.  As such, this is a Lo-Fi that is going to be lacking in the musical content, but will hopefully make up for it with slightly amusing, recycled and repurposed content that you have almost certainly never before enjoyed.  It's like eating left overs from a meal you weren't invited to!

Yes, you.  Not that other guy.  That guy was totally invited.

And yes, I made up the word "randomosity."  But you like it, so stop complaining.

The First

First up for this big bucket of random stuff is a little flash animation that I found about a year and a half ago and, to this day,loonatics.jpg really do enjoy.  It's a spoof of Loonatics, which is a new, hip version of Looney Tunes that debuted on TV back in September 2005, to much fanfare and ridicule and horror, depending on your point of view.  Also, indifference.  That was actually probably the main emotion.

So this flash animation shows just how fucking extreme the new Loonatics are, in quite a filthy and hilarious manner.  I recommend you view, enjoy, and possibly pass around to all your friends.  If you watch it at work, however, you may want to pull out the headphones.  And probably just not watch it at work at all, considering there's also some words that flash on the screen that could prove mighty offensive to some.

The Second

For my second bit of sheer randomness, I offer to you a short transcript of a conversation I had with a customer back when I worked in the electronics department of Fred Meyer.  This occurred in February 2005.

CUSTOMER: Hey, do you happen to have the second season of Chapelle's Show in the back somewhere?

ME: No, that doesn't actually come out until May. I'm not sure what day exactly, but I know it's May.chappelles.jpg [I've since learned May 24 is the specific date.]

CUSTOMER (Looking at me strangely): Oh, really?

ME: Yeah. It was originally scheduled for February, but they pushed the date back.

CUSTOMER (In a kind of haughty, "You're a jackass" tone): Well, that's strange, because I've seen it everywhere else. Everybody else has it, Best Buy, Target . . .

ME: Huh. Really? Weird, because I'm pretty sure it doesn't come out until May. [I know it doesn't come out until May, but for some reason I'm not yet actively trying to get myself fired.]


ME: You should probably go buy it there then, because we don't have it.

CUSTOMER (Looks at me strangely, again, and hesitates): Okay.

Here's what I should have added, but didn't:

ME: I'll tell you what. You go buy it at one of those other stores, then bring it back here and show it to me, along with the receipt proving you purchased it. If you do that, I'll give you ten bucks, right there, free for any pleasurable activity you should choose.


ME: Sure thing. Because you know what? It's not at those other stores. You're an idiot. The show doesn't come out until May and there is no other store anywhere that currently has it available for purchase. So you go ahead and do that and I'll throw you ten bucks, no questions asked. But the offer only stands for tonight and if you don't show up—and, I assure you, you won't—then I'm going to go ahead and assume you're a jackass and a moron. Oh, and a liar. Okay? Great. Get the fuck out of my store.

The Third

Okay, I lied.  I only have two bits of randomosistorytellingness.  Next week, however, I'll make a valiant effort to actually write about music.  I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

Ah, what the hell.  That lie was a lie.  Here's a third.  I bought the new Shins album and I love the shit out of it.  It's good.  It's The Shins.  If you like them, you'll probably like the album.  If you don't, well, probably not.  It is a different sound than their first two, but it's not drastically different.  shins.jpgThe final song, which is actually a more similar sound to previous works, absolutely kicks my ass.  Get it, enjoy it, or don't.  Whatever.  I've got to get to bed.

The Fourth

Ha!  After claiming I didn't even have a third, and then having one, now I hit you with the fourth.  Bet you didn't see that coming.  I totally blew your fucking mind, didn't I?  It's okay, it's what I do.

It's 70s week here at Faster Than The World, so my fourth and final bit of whatever randomosity is this handy dandy link to a 70s music trivia site.  Go, enjoy, answer the questions.  Come back here and post your own bit of randomness, or 70s music story, or trivia, or bitch about the Loonatics, or tell me wonderful retail horror stories, or just give a three sentence review of whatever album you're listening to.  Or not.  Seriously, whatever, I need to get to bed.

Joel knows places where you can get pleasured for ten bucks.



I've dealt with customers like that when I worked in a record store. It's one of the reasons I never went back to retail after I left that job.

or just give a three sentence review of whatever album you're listening to.

MC Serch - Return of the Product.

Saw this in Turtle's collection.

Put it on for shits and giggles.

Damn, this is good.


I find myself listening to The Shins' first two albums a LOT. Although the fact they sound like the Beach Boys if they hadn't given up musically and kept prgressing after Pet Sounds kind of makes them a new old friend.

I don't have the new album yet because I'm waiting for it to be available on alltunes.

Just recently downloaded Snow Patrol's stuff also. Where the hell have they been hiding? Good stuff.


The new Shin's album is a damn good time. Reminds me a little more of "Oh Inverted World" than "Chutes Too Narrow", but that's a good thing.

or just give a three sentence review of whatever album you're listening to

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Go ahead and laugh, but it's good. Real good. So fuck all y'all.

Tom Waits - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

Fifty six songs on three discs. It's gonna take me a while before I know them all by heart. So far the Bastards disc is my favorite, but that's because we can smell and like our own.


Joel: thank you for the gift that is Buzz Bunny.


Hey Joel, good job on the second. I worked in a record store for a while..... it was too funny sometimes. Fucking dolts.


Michele--Must have been terrible. The music section could be pretty bad. It didn't help that the labels for the really popular mainstream artists just love to release the first single off a new album literally months before the album comes out. By the time the damn thing does finally get released, you've already been asked about a thousand times when it's coming out. Meanwhile, the people actually inquiring about the album peak about a month before it comes out and the actual release is anticlimactic. Always seemed like terrible marketing to me, but maybe I'm missing the wisdom.

Timmer--I'm mixed on Snow Patrol. I think I need to listen to their new album, though, because what I've heard of it I've liked.

Thefinn--I won't give you any shit at all about Arcade Fire. I really like Funeral. I've never heard of Neon Bible, though, and a search brings up nothing. What is it?

Philbrick--you're quite welcome.

Dan--Thanks. Dolts, indeed. It's a wonder I was never brought up on murder charges.


Neon Bible is the new album... Should be out at the beginning of March... Or now, in some of the seedier parts of the internerd. It's a great followup to Funeral.


Joel, got the new Shins last night, I hear why you like it.

Finn, thanks for reminding me about Tom Waits. It doesn't amaze me that Orphans would be good, what amazes me is that he was good 30 years ago.


The people who own randomosity.org called, they want their credit back.


Damn randomosity.org! They stole it from me, somehow. I guarantee it. Sneaky bastards.


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