Time to Vote: Worst Songs of the 70's
by Michele Christopher

The nomination process is over and now that all those songs got stuck in your heads, we will make a half hearted attempt to apologize.



Vote as many times as you want. If clicking "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" for four straight hours is your thing, then go for it. We're sure one of the editors of FTTW will be right behind you.

Poll stays up til Sunday 2pm. We're closing early this week because most of you will be doing Super Bowl partying Sunday anyhow.



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The fact that Funky Worm is not on this list invalidates the integrity of the entire poll.


Since when are we about integrity?


Can't vote for Delta Dawn. Yes, the song sucks like an Electrolux, but if not for Helen Reddy's suckfest single, we wouldn't have Dash Rip Rock's hysterical cover version.

So there.


I was all set to vote for American Pie, then I noticed "I Am Woman" was on the list. How could I NOT vote for that?

Sure, it's more fun to piss on the perennial "classic," but the man in me feels obligated to vote for for Mizzzz Reddy's crapfest.


From this list, Debby Boone's You Light Up My Life" certainly takes the cake. But there are plenty more bad 70s songs not mentioned here:
- Player "Baby Come Back"
- Cliff Richard "We Don't Talk Anymore"
- Stephen Bishop "On And On"

OK, I cheated a bit:

Hey, how about Best "Bad Ass" 70s songs? Now that would be a cool category - I'd nominate Blue Oyster Cult's "Hot Rails to Hell" for starters...:-)


Paradise is pandemic shit that leaps across generations and will never leave me the fuck alone.

Not just because it sucks, but because so many people like it. Love it. Can't understand my hatred for it.

All those other songs suck too, but there are too many times when you can't escape Paradise and just have to fucking deal.

Hotel California is a close second for the same reasons. If I had a penny for every time I heard

"What do you mean, you don't like Hotel California? It's fucking classic, man. Classic. You're crazy."


It'd be easier if you just put an "All of the below" option at the top.


After its use in a great early Simpsons episode, I can't possibly hate Baby Come Back! Well, maybe a little...


I was sort of hoping "Every song on the first fucking Boston album" would be a choice.


How can John Lennon's Imagine not make the list? That's one of the all-time worst.


Also, Steely Dan totally sucks, but the Minutemen version of Dr. Wu is awesome.


Where is the Rush song "I Think I'm Going Bald" ? Simply one the worst songs ever written...if not that one how about "Madrigal" from their Farewell To Kings album?



Baby, I'm A-Want You by Bread shoul make anyone barf a sidewalk pizza


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