Better Late Than Never
by Deb Beckers

So is that the new mantra of the Eastern Conference? Not only are the best of the worst working their collective asses off to make the playoffs, but they're being damned entertaining whilst doing it.

So last week we had teams fall down, but not out and risen but not longer than the four hours that the people who make those little blue pills are so worried about.

The standings:

6 NY RANGERS - 87 points, 5 games remaining
7 TAMPA BAY - 86 points, 5 games remaining
8 MONTREAL - 86 points, 5 games remaining
9 TORONTO - 84 points, 6 games remaining
10 NY ISLANDERS - 84 points, 6 games remaining
11 CAROLINA - 84 points, 5 games remaining

dumbass.JPG Anyone else started drinking? I don’t drink anymore… I don’t drink any less either…

The week before the final week:
(My picks are bolded  in case you didn’t know what bolding looks like)

Lightning at Carolina, Canadiens at Sens, Isles at Sabres.

Pens at Leafs (gotta keep hope alive eh?), Sabres at Canadiens, Rangers at Flyers (because even *I* could beat the flyers).

Canes at Panthers, Leafs at Rangers ( Going to be a GOOD, close game).

Miscellaneous stories from around the league:

I'm not saying that was stretching for stories, but one of the lead columns was about Toronto's Darcy Tucker and how you either love him or don't live in Toronto. I live in Toronto, all I'll say is that he's no Domi (but Domi isn't even Domi anymore either).

In other news…

Nothing. Teams are all on the Down Low, gearing up for the playoffs or the golf course. Where is your team going to be?

Deb lost a day this week and typed most of this on her crackberry on the train home Thursday night. PH33R her mad thumb typing skilz.

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Where is your team going to be?

the ducks will be holding the cup.

the fuck else you think will happen?


I don't know where the Islanders will be...all I know is that I'm going to need and economy size bottle of Tums to get through the next two weeks or so.


My team will be playing golf so I am rooting for Michele's Islanders. Or Toronto. Ok I'll be honest really I just want to see The Habs out of the playoffs... But I am rooting for the Islanders for real.


Damn Islanders. I had such high hopes a couple weeks ago, now I realize I was just high.

What's up with Dunham? He can be very good but he loses the damn games.
I was hoping DiPietro was going to get hot for the playoffs and instead he gets a freaking concussion.

If the Isles do make the playoffs (they're just two plane-crashes away), they had better hope somebody else beats the Devils because they can't play with the Devils.
Is it baseball yet?


Baseball is next week.

Toronto lost in overtime last night, giving us one, precious, point.

Standings are now...

6. Rangers – 87pts, 5 games
7. Tampa – 86pts, 5 games
8. Montréal – 86pts, 5 games
9. Toronto – 85pts, 5 games
10. Isles – 84pts, 6 games
11. Canes – 84pts, 5 games

Pretty much the same.

If the Isles want to hang onto any hope at all they are going to have to hope to hell that the disgustingly healthy Sabres decide to start saving their strength for the playoffs.

The Leafs are going to have to start playing, well, hockey - although Rollar Derby may work for them too.

And Turtle?

Ducks can't hold the cup... They don't have fingers.


I bet the hockey gods let the ducks win the cup this year to smite deb. The hockey gods are a lot like the football gods. they are spiteful.


She smites all my teams anyway, maybe I should start rooting for the Fowls?

Nah. I have more pride than that.



Any hockey team that comes from a place where there is no naturally occurring ice at any time of the year should be forever banned from holding the cup. It's just not natural. It's a wrongness.


you all can go to hell


Jesus. The Islanders are hopeless without DiPietro. They're losing 5-1.


6. Rangers – 91pts, 3 games remaining
7. Tampa – 90pts, 3 games remaining
8. Montréal – 88pts, 3 games remaining
9 Toronto – 87pts, 3 games remaining
10. Carolina – 86pts, 3 games remaining
11. Isles – 84pts, 4 games remaining
12. Florida – 83pts, 3 games remaining

I hate to say it, but it REALLY doesn't look goos for the Isles...


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