I've Got Your Pink champagne On Ice
by Deb Beckers

Okay. I’m stressed. Seriously stressed. This has been a week of extremes in the NHL and I don’t know if my anti-psychotic medimication can handle it. I JEST! I know how to supplement...

So we have a race that isn’t, an evil villain (or a couple) that are winning, a race that is giving me chills and making me miss American Idol (shut-up – I know you watch it to), and a Captain that believes in fairies. No that that kind.

Spirit of the West

So the Western Conference race... Um... Well... What can you really say about the race?

There isn’t one.

Calgary is sitting on the final playoff spot with 84 points. Colorado is its nearest challenger, with 74 points. Look, I know it’s mathematically POSSIBLE, but seriously. I stopped believing in those kinds of miracles in 1993.

Meanwhile in Bettman’s secret lair...

Again nothing. lemieux.jpgWell the NHL did give Chris Simon a hefty 25 game suspension – even though there was no injury, but ignored Chris Neil’s (Ottawa) head shot to Chris Drury (Buffalo), which resulted in a lot of bloody ice and a concussion. Then there was Cam Janssen’s (New Jersey) late high body check to Tomas Kaberle (Toronto), causing a serious head injury – no penalty, during, Delayed 3 game suspension, Kaberle has yet to return to the line-up (although he did skate at a practice yesterday).

So really it was ALMOST nothing. Way to be consistent boys.

There’s no place like home

Guess where Pittsburgh’s going? Nowhere that’s where.

They have FINALLY reached a deal with the city of Pittsburg and the State of Pennsylvania. The plan is going to cost $209 Million. The Pens get $10.5 Million is compensation for the delays.

Shockingly – Bettman was credited with mediating the deal. But I think Sydney Crosby summed it up the best...

”It’s going to be nice just to know what’s going on and knowing you don’t have to talk about it anymore.”

We’re going to need more lube

So the Eastern Conference is getting tighter and tighter, it’s now a five team race. Pink%20Champaigne.jpgThis is usually a good thing, but if you team is one of the ones who are fighting for their lives; your stress level goes through the freaking roof. And you don’t get to be stressed at just your team’s games, NOOOOOOOOO; you get to stress out at EVERY FEKKING GAME that involves a team that might knock you out of, or into, a playoff spot.

Let’s take a look at the last week shall we?

The New York teams have... how can I put this? No luck except bad?

The Islanders lost their goalie in their 5-3 loss to the Montréal Canadiens (head injury – although with goalies, isn’t that assumed?). His status is still up in the air. Plus they lost to the Canadiens, a team whose spectacular losing streaks this season are legend. Way to break the streak.

The Rangers just can seem to get a break. Sure they can break sticks pretty easily, but there has been a spate of shots deflected into their net, by their own defensemen. Captain Jagr said, “I believe something good is going to happen. We’re waiting for it.”

That’s great news for them, not so great news for everyone else who’s out there actually WORKING for the good things. He must have read The Secret, or at least listened to it on tape.

The Isles are tied for the last two playoff spots with Carolina. Toronto is only a point off and the Rangers and the hungry Carolina Hurricanes (who are also down one goalie, courtesy of a Ranger’s skate blade that cut his knee, requiring 11 stitches) are only 2 points behind. It’s still anyone’s race to win.

Eastern Standing as of March 14, 2007 (from NHL.COM):

7. New York Islanders 78pts

8. Carolina Hurricanes 78pts

9. Toronto Maple Leafs 77pts

10. New York Rangers 76pts

11. Montréal Canadiens 76pts

How does Deb spell relief? D-O-M P-É-R-I-G-N-O-N and M-O-R-P-H-I-N-E

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This playoff race is killing me. And really, I know that even if the Islanders make it, it will just be like they are prolonging the disappointment. I doubt they'd get out of the first round.

This race is making for interesting evenings watching hockey with my son, the Ranger fan.


I am still holding out hope for the B's who are like 5 points out I think. But then again, what am I nuts?


7. NY Islanders – 78
8. Carolina – 78
9. Toronto – 77
10. NY Rangers – 76
11. Montréal – 76
12. Boston – 73
13. Florida – 71

The Isles lost last night, as did the Canes. Makes for some happy Torontonians.

They play Washington tonight.

Other games to watch...

Canadiens at Pittsburg and Rangers at Atlanta.

Heh. I'm going to start drinking now...


Well, the Rangers got a point last night - better than them getting two, I guess.

Unfortunately, DiPietro is out for the Islanders tonight. The words "abandon all hope" enter my mind.


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