Jamming In A Turquoise Dream
by Cullen James

Sometimes I dream in guitar.

satch1254.jpgI hear strings sing when I say goodnight.

Chords progress as my eyes move rapid.

There’s jingle, there’s jangle, there’s stutter, and power.

I’m t-minus 9 days away from the G3 show in Atlanta. The closer we get to the show, the more I’m anticipating it. I’m not waxing poetic about guitar-related dreams. I’ve had plenty recently.

And many of the songs are Joe Satriani’s. Next week, I intend to take several of Joe’s songs to task – explaining why he’s considered the top of the rock and roll guitarist heap. But today, let’s talk a little about the man himself.

Most people with some passing familiarity with Satriani know that in addition to being a virtuoso player, he has been a very prolific guitar instructor. His most notable students probably being Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett.

Before Satriani, instrumental rock was relegated to B-sides of popular, musically adept bands, or novelty acts such as The Ventures. But in the mid-80s, Satriani’s Surfing With the Alien gave instrumental rock a solid voice. Now it’s well-respected and viable rock music form.

His 1992 release The Extremist is his best-selling CD to date and contains many of his greatest tracks such as Summer Song. And, of course, in 1996, he started the G3 tour with his former student Steve Vai.

A constant influence on most modern rock guitarists, Satriani plays a little bit of everything. And he does so well.

Stay tuned next week for a detailed look at several of Satch’s songs.

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I just got a DVD of G3 with Satch, Vai and Malmsteen. Poor Yngwie just couldn't hang with the other two and seemed really out of place with the endless arpeggio runs. Blows me away how smooth and error-free Vai is though (man). Joe was top-notch, too. That two-handed fretting thing he does in "The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing" is really cool.


I have seen clips. I've never been a big Yngwie fan (though Evil Eye is the shit), but he just seemed out of place next to Satch and Vai.


Joe is the bomb. Extremist is my fav CD, but Chords of life and Mind Storm off Strange Beautiful Music are my favorite songs.

His music is nearly always the soundtrack to my dreams and has been for years. I've never even thought to ask anyone if their dreams have soundtracks, but mine always have, as far back as I can remember. Is this weird?


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