Lard Tunderin' Jaysus
by Deb Beckers

It’s enough to drive a girl to drink. Well, to drink MORE anyway...

The fekking East Race

You’re up! You’re down. You’re up! You’re down. Repeat ad nauseum. As much as I love leapfrog (especially naked leapfrog – but that’s a different column) it’s getting a little old.

What am I talking about. It’s exciting! Still! Five real contenders duking it out, for what!?!?! Last place.

Is anyone else finding that odd?

Here’s how it stands as of Wednesday, March 21, 2007:

6. Tampa Bay – 84pts, 8 games remaining

7. Rangers – 81pts, 9 games remaining

8. Carolina – 80pts, 9 games remaining


9. Toronto – 80pts, 9 games remaining

10. Montréal – 80pts, 8 games remaining

11. Islanders – 79pts, 10 games remaining

12. Florida – 75pts – 9 games remaining

Still very very tight, despite all the movement (heh).

Games to watch? Glad you asked...

See – I’ve planned your weekend for you; never say I don’t do anything...

Any predictions? You want mine so that you can bet the opposite and win? (here are my choices)


Flyers at Rangers.


Caps at Canes, Canadiens at Bruins, Pens on the Island.


Leafs at Sabres (bloodbath).


Rangers in Boston, Isles in Philly, (bloodbath part II – this time it’s personal) Sabres at T.O.


Rangers at the Islanders (gonna watch this one for sure – it’ll be close).

Things other than the Eastern Playoff Race

wild200.gif Ummm...

The Ducks don’t appear to be sucking as hard as I want them too. There’s a sentence you don’t get to read often enough ;-)

The Minnesota Wild are on a franchise record 7 game winning streak! Go Wild! Even though their goalie is questionable (not skills wise, injury wise) as is their captain Mark Parrish, who took a puck to the shoulder in Tuesday’s game against the spectacularly sucking Phoenix Coyotes – He’s not expected to miss any games though.

The Oiler’s Steve Stalios will sit out the remainder of the season (all 9 games of it) while he recovers from knee surgery. Edmonton has not had a stellar year y’all.

The NHLPA is imploding. Hall of Fame player Mike Gartner (former Maple Leaf) resigned from the NHL Players' Association on Monday night. This comes after two top union officials were placed on leave because of allegations they ordered the monitoring of NHLPA player e-mail. See, this is what happens when you take the goons off the ice and teach them how to use a computer.

Nashville Predator’s winger Jordin Tootoo (great name, meet the hooded fang) was suspended 5 games for doing something we’ve all wanted to do at some point: Punch Stephane Robidas in the face. What? Just me then.

On March 13th, Mike Modano (Dallas) became the 39th player to reach 500 goals. He also became the all time scoring leader among US born players when he surpassed Joe Mullen with his 503rd goal last Saturday against Nashville. Interesting to note that Mike has played for the Minnesota/Dallas franchise since beginning his NHL career in 1988.


That’s it for this week. What are your picks for the playoff race?

Deb doesn’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but she’s going to make you eat it anyway

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The Isles won last night, so now they have 81 points.

They have to play the Rangers on Sunday following what will probably be a pretty intense game against the Flyers Saturday.

It's gonna be a great weekend for hockey watching. could very well suck.


Tell me about it.

The leafs didn't play yesterday, but they still slipped from 8th to 11th. The good news (for everyone else) is they get to play Buffalo twice this weekend. Great.

I'll post the new standings when I get to work this afternoon =)



I am embarrassed to be a Bruins fan right now. What the HELL was that last night??? (Against the Habs even worse. Hate them.)


The Ducks don’t appear to be sucking as hard as I want them too.

Embrace the Duck , Deb

Embrace the Duck


Hell may actually freeze over this time.

The Thrashers are most likely going to make the playoffs.

Talk about believing in miracles...


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