List Your Songs
by Tim O'Connell

I'm gonna wimp out this week and do a list. I've got nuthin' that's either not ridiculously long or just plain silly. Open up your music player. List your songs in alphabetical order. No songs that begin with numbers, in italics or other bullshit. Just 26 songs. A-Z. Music, no comedy, no books on tape, no podcasts. No repeating bands so you may have to go with the next one down. I was going to give this a St. Patrick's Day theme and have you try to pick all Irish performers, but then quite a few of us would nothing but a list of U2, The Chieftans and Irish Rover songs. Which reminds me, I have to put my St. Paddy's Day playlist together.

Éireann go Brách ya beautiful bastards!

Isn't it good to know ya don't have to drink to be that kind of annoying?

mikeJ.jpg ABC – The Jackson Five

Baba O'Riley – The Who

C.C. Ryder – Ray Charles

Daddy's Getting Married – Bif Naked

E-Bow the Letter – R.E.M.

Fable (Dream Version) – Robert Miles

Gamehendge Time Factory – Phish

Hakuna Matata – Original Broadway Cast

I Ain't Got You – The Yardbirds

J.A.R. – Greenday

Ka Huila Wai – Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

L.A. Woman – The Doors

Mack the Knife – Bobby Darin

Naked – BoDeans

O Come All Ye Faithful – Celtic Woman

Paddy McCarthy – The Corrs

Quality – Barenaked Ladies

R.A.M.O.N.E.S. – The Ramones

Sacred – Depeche Mode

Takamba – Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation

U Boat – Kasabian

Vahevala – Loggins and Messina

Wait Until Tomorrow – John Mayer

X Offender – Blondie

Ya Mama – Fatboy Slim

Ziggy Stardust – David BowieziggyS.JPG

Now youopen up your music player. List your songs in alphabetical order. No songs that begin with numbers, in italics or other bullshit. Just 26 songs.

Timmer doesn't swear that some of those songs are for other people anymore.

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Alrighty. I'll play along.

A#1 - Desert Sessions
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba - MTX
C.R.E.A.M. - Wu Tang Clan
D.O.A. - Van Halen
E.M.I - Sex Pistols
F.R.D.C. - DRI
G.I. Sex - Fang
H - Tool
I - Bad Brains
Jabberjaw - Phantom Planet
Kabuki Girl - Descendents
L.A. - Butthole Surfers
M.V.P.s - Ice T
N.F.B. - Anthrax
O2 - Sleater Kinney
P&V - Anthrax
Q: Are Snakes the Devil - Gnomes of Zurich
Rabbit in Your Headlights - UNKLE/Thom Yorke
S.O.S. - Breeders
T.A.S. - New Bomb Turks
USA - Fear
Vanity Fair - Mr. Bungle
Wahoo Day - Murphy's Law
X-99 - Limp
Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year - Ice T
Zero Chance - Soundgarden

That was fun in an OCD sort of way.


good to know i wasn't the only one to wimp out with a list of songs. Crap. Sometimes i just can't think.


I've got a couple of stories that I'm working on, including the beginning of something I think is going to grow up and be a book someday. None of them are ready to leave home yet.


I just saw this and thought I'd play. I wonder if anything embarrassing is going to show up:

Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment
Banana Man - Ghoti Hook
Cancer Eater - Zao
Da Le Yaleo - Santana
Embody the Invisible - In Flames (the Only 'E' song I have!)
Faithless - God Dethroned
Grace - Peter Mulvey
Hit the Lights - Metallica (only H song!)
Ignition - Trivium
Journey Inwards - LTJ Bukem
Killing Fields - Slayer
Laid to Rest - Lamb of God
May Today Become the Day - Sentenced
No Compromise - The Haunted
Ocean Planet - Gojira
Perfect Tonight - Lullacry (would have been my first repeat)
No Q Song!
Rational Eyes - Threat Signal
Sacrifice - Edguy
The Time To Kill is Now - Cannibal Corpse
Under Pregnant Skies She Comes Alive Like Miss Leviathan - Cradle of Filth
Vacant - Dream Theater
Wakening - Cellador
X - System of a Down
Ya Viene el Sol - Ozomatli
Zen Approach - DJ Krush


You know what confuses me? Lots of people mention The Who but they never mention their best song, "Teenage Wasteland".
Why is that?


Looks at Veeshir like some sort of...mold experiment.


Hahah, Timmer ... can I call him ol' drippy?


Ahhh, I just like to stir things up.
Considering that was the second song you mentioned, it made me laugh.
After I wrote it I realized I should have closed tags /moron>


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