Throwing Vinyl At Zombies
by Michele Christopher

The theme for this weekend's editor's picks is just a general theme of music.

One of my favorite zombie movies is Shaun of the Dead. There's a great scene in that movie where Shaun and Ed try to destroy the zombies by throwing records at them.

Which begs the questions: If your life was at stake, what records (or CDs) from your collection would you throw at zombies to save yourself?

My list:

  • Metallica - ReLoad (CD) - obligatory
  • Huey Lewis and the News - Sports (vinyl) i think everyone my age once owned this album and then later denounced it
  • Hootie and the Blowfish, Cracked Rear View (CD) - I have no idea how this got in my house, really.
  • Loverboy - Get Lucky (vinyl) you would think even the zombies would run from this one
  • Yes - Yessongs - What was deep and genius while under the influence of acid and the 1970's in general is long, boring and pretentious now. Plus, it's a double album. Two zombies for the price of one.
  • Any VanHagar CD. Yes they are in my house. They belong to my son. He doesn't like them, he's just a bit OCD and needs to have complete collections. But I'm sure when i came down to 5150 or him, he'd choose killing the undead.
  • Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell - It's about time this one got lost.
  • Any "12 inch extended dance remix" of any new wave song I own on vinyl.



Canada will apologize for Loverboy if America apologizes for Bon Jovi.

If you have a Loverboy album in your house, then you need to leave your house with said album and look for, I mean actively search out zombie targets.


Ah yeah to answer....

I have a bag of shitty playcopies from my time at the music store. Lots of late 90's pop and hip hop to pitch at someone's head. I don't have any vinyl worth throwing.

Aaron Carter CDs make for great coasters though.


Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union (cd): The piercing whininess of Dave Pirner should sever arteries well.
Faith No More - Anything pre-1988: Chuck Mosley and Courtney Love?? Not in MY FNM!
Winger - Winger (cd): I just want it out of my house.
The 1985 Chicago Bears - The Superbowl Shuffle (45): Jim McMahon shouldn't rap, Refrigerator Perry shouldn't dance.
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe (cd): No more Sean Yseult =(.


ahhhh, shaun of the dead,, great movie. the liebschoen and i saved up enough money to see hot fuzz over in england and we eagerly await it here.

unfortunately i do not own any albums, in fact, since all my music is in mp3 format, i don't own any cds anymore either.

all of which means, of cours that i would have to throw my entire comuter and/or mp3 player at the zombies so one can only assume that digital music and zombie-ism is a conspiracy put together by the riaa, dell and apple to make me spend more money on their products. although, since the riaa is involved, perhaps zombie-ism is their preferred form of drm so you have to keep buying the same music over and over - maybe you only get to use one zombie-drme'ed album per zombie?

great to see you guys still going strong!


Mine would have to be Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

The combination of perfect suckage and insufferable earnestness would stop the undead in their tracks.


I so need in on this.

Anything that was on the top 40 charts from 1980 to 1988. isn't that when they stopped making L.P.'s? well, whenever they stopped making records, that's when i'd quit throwing mtv generation bullshit at a dead fucker's noggin.


Bullets still work, don't they?

I'll be ok. And I'm keeping my White Album


All of my vinyl was ruined or sold off by my nephews when I joined the AF.

My CDs are all ripped into my computer. I'd have no problems tossing them to kill zombies. I'd prefer to use a broadsword or battle axe though. Not because I know how to use them, just because how cool would it be to kill mindless undeads who need killin'.


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