Volume 3, Issue 4
by Jo Carbonell

Amie is a serialized graphic novel about mutants, government secrets and kinds of furry thing. This week we are up to Issue 4 of Volume 3.




I am impressed by you more every week woman!


Glad you think that because I was kicking myself about this week's strips. The saturation on these turned out really badly this week. The colors shouldn't bleed like this and its WAY too bright.

But thank you for the compliment anyway.


An artist is never satisfied..


"An artist is their own worst critic."

I truly believe this. See, I'm using a new computer that I'm not familiar with and a new art program I haven't figured out yet, so what I think I've got set turns out to be something different when published on here. I'm working on it.


I just noticed that at the top of this page you referred to the comic as a "graphic novel". Thank you. *BIG HUGS* You're the first persons, besides myself, that has ever called it that. You just made my day.


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