When It's Time To Change, It's Time to Rearrange
by FTTW Staff

It's spring cleaning time at FTTW, but instead of cleaning out our closets we just totally redecorated.

Due to popular demand, we brought back the car motif and made a bunch of other changes that will hopefully make your FTTW experience more aesthetically pleasing. I know that this version is a lot better for our writers, and we hope it's better for you as well.

So get comfortable and settle into the new digs. Chips in the kitchen, moonshine still in the backyard.

This was a real group effort...turtle and I came up with the design, Solonor and Baby Huey used their mad skillz to code it as necessary and the entire writing staff helped us out as far as getting the look right and giving us ideas to work off of.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the new layout (and to Turtle for not killing me when I got real cranky toward the end of working on this. - m)

And thanks for reading FTTW.


Thank you to everyone who helps, helped and keeps helping this thing keep getting bigger and better.

Thank you


Hope you all enjoy the layout. We think it'll give you a more bird's-eye view of the content, and let you pick and choose what you want to read more easily.


I like.


I'm lovin' it. Now we need more hookers and beer. Then we can all go here when we die.


Looks awesome!!!!!

I am glad to see the cars return.


I love how y'all have brought back the FTTW Classic layout. I was kinda hoping to see a souped up Pinto facing off against the Nova, but I'm weird that way.


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