A Lady Laments About... Springtime Renewal
by Jennifer Philo

Waking just before the sunrise, I can hear their soft, melodic song. It’s that low, deep, sorrowful song that I long to hear during the long, cold winter. Morning Doves signify the beginning of Spring, the renewal of life. The landscape is budding with anticipation and the vegetation reconfirms that rebirth is incredible in it’s simplicity. The sparse mounds of snow gravitate towards the earth, and reveal the beauty that lies underneath. The Crocuses and Hyacinths peak through the dulled greenery, letting us ponder the wonderment of what is happening right before our eyes.

hyacinth.jpg Instinctively, we all open our windows and clean out the past seasons, readying ourselves for the new. The smell of the air is crisp and sweet. It’s easy to tilt your head back, close your eyes, and let go. I covet the Spring, holding it’s spirit and majesty in my heart and soul.

Spring is a forgiveness, cleansing the anguish etched in our minds from enduring the harshness of nature and helplessly watching as a silent slumber washes over the earth. Sometimes I wished as a child that I could kiss the world awake. Like a fairy tale when the naive Princess pricks her finger or a peasant girl eats the tainted fruit, conditionally lost in sleep. But, with loves first kiss she awakens and all is right again. The birds sing, the sun overtakes the darkness and happiness reigns once again.

Spring is a reminder of life. Mesmerizing us, reassuring us that life will go on. It’s a reflection of us. How we recondition ourselves with the changing earth, thriving from the energy that pulsates beneath our feet. Enabling us to bury the darkness that resides in our own minds, letting the light emerge from the core of our be-ing.

I’ve learned to welcome Spring and celebrate it’s triumphant return. It allows me to reconnect and re-evaluate myself, eliminating the ghosts I feared in the dark, finding strength when their nature is revealed in the light. Spring renews my spirit; re-igniting my internal fire and resurrecting the power that lie dormant through the layers of yesterdays. Merging old with new, birth with death and goodbyes with welcomes. Springtime renewal is our validation that living for today means never forgetting yesterday, and always remembering tomorrow.

Jenn's house is very very clean right now.

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Wonderful article, but I still have 3 feet of snow in my yard, snow forecast every day for the next week and spring doesn't show it's face until June:( On the bright side I did see a mosquito last week;)


I love Spring for one reason and thats new friends. Every year I have managed to have a new friend that I met during the Winter. This year its my newfound friend, Chrispy. (You know him.) Since Spring has begun to ...spring around here, Chrispy and I have been getting excited about all the things I can show him how to do here in Vermont when its NOT Winter all the time. I've never seen a New Yorker so happy about doing things I take for granted like - hiking the Luna Falls, or swimming in Lake Dunmore, or even perhaps something as simple as camping at the Swinging Bridge. I love Spring because every year I get to rediscover my hometown and the beauty of the world that Nature has provided. I love this because I get to rediscover it through someone else's eyes - every year. I'm very thrilled about what I'll discover this year.


Thank you for your comments and for taking the time to read my article!


I live in Southern Cal, so it's spring every day! On occasion, the temperature will drop to around 65 degrees...64 degrees with the wind child factor.


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