A White Easter in Texas
by Dave in Texas

What%20is%20this%20shit.jpg(a note to all my friends north of the Mason-Dixon line. Just chill. I know you know everything there is to know about wintry weather. Just like you know I don’t know diddley-squat about it).

Like the rest of the nation, a chill wind began blowing here Saturday morning. A normally sunny and headed into the 80s weekend was in the 40s and overcast.

The Intellicast goobers, who this weekend became the bestest and smartest weather prognosticators ever, said on Wednesday of last week we’d see snow showers across Texas.

I laughed. Ha ha ha. Oh you silly tricksies you. Do you have any idea when it last snowed in Texas in April (not counting Amarillo)?

Right. Neither do I.

But it happened. On and off during the day, at times quite heavy, but hey, it was in the upper 30s, no way it was going to accumulate or amount to anything.

Note. Until now, Dave in Texas was operating under the impression that 1) it can’t snow if it’s not below freezing, and 2) it can’t accumulate if it’s not below freezing.

For the first time in 2007 that I can recall, I was wrong twice.

Oh wait, my youngest daughter just reminded me about something. So, second time this year.

Mexican%20Snow%20Palm.jpgBig heavy wet snow. That fell on big unmanaged tree limbs around power lines.

Yes, the story is they’re so behind after Katrina and Rita and blah blah blah.

The snow got interesting around 8pm last night. When the transformers started tripping. Loud blasts and blue flashes. Then the freezing rain, thunderstorms behind that. Yellow flashes, thunder, more blue flashes.

The power was out here for 20 hours. When I came home from church this morning, three guys in hard hats were swinging from the trees in my back yard with chain saws and tree trimming thingys, and they politely left a pile of crap in the yard, moving south to piss off my neighbors.

There were snowmen all around town today. Big ones, not like those weeny little snow Ewoks we made when I was a kid. These were big boogers.

So kids had fun. Adults shook their heads in amazement. I ran into a barricade last night.

Did I mention that? This snow stuff is pretty slippery. Especially in a pickup truck.

Still, for all the cold, and the candles, and the rest of it, it was nice. Me and youngest and one of her pals had a snowball fight this morning before church.

I still got it.

Yes I do.

Dave in Texas just used the term "snowball" and referred to his daughter's friend, and didn't break any laws.

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