Bonfire of the Trigonometry
by Michele Christopher

I've had some writer's block issues. When in doubt, post pictures, I say.

These were taken this evening.

A few months ago, my daughter dropped out of Math B because it was giving her fits. Her teacher sucked and she just wasn't getting the class. They moved her to a different math class (where she is getting good grades). She asked if she could burn her notes and exorcise the class from her system. That's how much she hated it. I said, ask Turtle.

Turtle loves a good fire, as we all know. And I got to take some pictures. Which is my favorite thing next to writing.

Click for bigger.

math bonfire 1

math bonfire 3

math bonfire 7

math bonfire 6

math bonfire 5

math bonfire 4

math bonfire 2

At the end of this school year, the daughter is inviting some friends from her chem class over to burn their notes. They want to burn the teacher, too, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

Would an effigy be in bad taste?

I wonder if she should write about this in her college application essay.

Probably not.



Damn, you're a cool parent. I was just told I would burn in hell if I didn't finish my math homework... And then I got in trouble for starting fires.



Fire is a great reward system, too.

You should try it.


Fire is cool. I love fire.


Have ya seen the outside deck tables with the fire pit in the middle of them?

That's going in our backyard.

My daughter on Vicodin, "Oooh, pretty colors, fire HOT."


That fire sure would be nice under the overpass...



i'm not the only one who loves a good fire


That's fucking great. I did the same thing with my math 1080 notes.

I was going to piss on them as well but you know that saying about people you don't like.... I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.




A sine of the times.


This would be a great incentive program to start in my home and my kid's only in Kindergarten! Everyone loves a good fire...especially on started by a 5 year old!


Fire? Someone say fire?

Those tables with the fire pit are awesome.

I wonder if I should regale you all next week with the stories of my experimentation with gunpowder when I was 9?

Perhaps I shall.


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