Bonus Hockey! Weekend Roundup
by Deb Beckers

Is it just me or are teams actually hungry for the cup this year (well, except for the, still afraid to cross the Rubicon, Thrashers)?

There have been some fights, nothing major – but the hitting?!? Wow more banging than a sailor on shore leave, more board knocking than a knee wobbler behind the high school.

Great (and mostly clean) hitting, a few fisticuffs and refs that seem to be content to jest let the boys play for a change.

Welcome back to old time hockey.


Buffalo vs. N.Y. Islanders

Buffalo leads the series 2-1.

MooseFight.jpg When this series started I was listening to the talking heads (or windbags) on TSN (The Sports Network in Canada). There are four guys, three of them were shouting down the only voice of reason; the voice that said not to count the Isles out of it. He didn’t say that they are going to win, let’s not go crazy now. The Sabres do need to step up their game and I think (hope) that it’s finally sinking in. It was nice to see DiPietro in net last game =)

No. 2 New Jersey vs. No. 7 Tampa Bay

Tampa leads the series 2-1.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?!? You may be saying. Listen I told you in my last column that Tampa outscored the Devils during the regular season. They’ve been close games, but jeebus, the NJ defence needs to be a little less pylon like.

No. 3 Atlanta vs. No. 6 N.Y. Rangers

Rangers lead the series 2-0.

Soon to be 3-0 of the Thrashers don’t smarten up and start getting into the game

No. 4 Ottawa vs. No. 5 Pittsburgh

Ottawa leads the series 2-1.

amanda_sharkie_playoffbeard.jpg THIS is the series to watch. Man, are these teams quick (on the ice). I can’t remember when three periods of hockey have flown by so quickly!

Young and Brash meet Old and Hardened. Definitely old school hockey. GO SENS!


No. 1 Detroit vs. No. 8 Calgary

Detroit leads the series 2-0

YAWN! Calgary is playing like shit, what were the Shots? 1 – 3 billion? Par for this round of the playoffs if you ask me...

No. 2 Anaheim vs. No. 7 Minnesota

The Mighty Moose lead the series 3-0

I don’t want to hear it, but YOU can! If you listen closely you can hear the sound of Turtle BITING ME.

No. 3 Vancouver vs. No. 6 Dallas

Vancouver leads the series 2-1

You wanted overtime? We give you overtime. I love it when it gets to the point where you don’t give a ship who fekking wins, just as long as it’s over. Go Canucks!

No. 4 Nashville vs. No. 5 San Jose

San Jose leads the Series 2-1.

Nashville is showing some spark, but they haven’t been able to keep up with the hard hittin’, fast skatin’ Sharks. Last Friday’s game doesn’t matter, they smell blood now...

*As at games played by 16 April 2007

”I’ll See You on the Ice” will be back again on Friday – to get you geared up for another weekend of playoff hockey. WHOOT!

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Good to see a hockey round up!


I feel special and super famous now!
Go Sharks!!! :)


We will need an update tomorrow...


You will wait till Friday and like it young man!

Have fun at the game Mads =)

Go Buffalo! (and it was totally a goal)


Islanders got SCREWED.


But I don't WANNA wait! Humph.


Michele, again.

The refs are obviously rooting for Buffalo.
Especially since Nolan called them out the other day. They keep making the marginal calls against the Isles (cross-checking with the stick on the ice) and ignoring them against Buffalo.

I'm just lucky to still have a TV, I almost broke it yesterday.


Even though I am rooting for the Angry Yellow Commas...

I have to agree on the refing.

The NHL has a long memory and it doesn't look like Nolan has been forgiven yet.


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