Books with Pictures Part III: I’m in love again
by Branden Hart

Well, it’s official. I’m a comic book geek again. And you know what—it’s actually pretty good to be back. It’s been years since I’ve been to a comic book store, and they are still just as funky as I remember them. Shelves of action figures, the smell of Mylar wrapping in the air, guys in the back playing Dungeons and Dragons.

HB230x400.jpgAnd in the ten years of my absence, some more subtle things have changed. I remember when DC first launched the Vertigo line. With that move came the advent of adult comic books. Not that there hadn’t been comics around for adults before, but this move really brought it to the forefront. Then, being a grown man in a comic store was kind of weird and a little creepy. Now, it’s perfectly normal.

So I’ve been plowing through several series. The only bad thing about comics is that you’re subject to their availability. For instance, when I first started reading the Preacher, I got through the first volume in about a week. I immediately went back to the store to get the second volume. They had every other freaking volume except that one. If you don’t know anything about Preacher, it’s a story you cannot read out of order. So I went to every other store in town and never found it. I had to order it, and it still hasn’t come in yet.

But that’s not entirely bad, because I had to find something else to tide me over. That something was 100 Bullets. This is another great series, and I’m about two volumes into it now. In the meantime, I’ve continued to pick up new books. I read the first volume of Hellboy, and am very curious if the movie does it justice. I picked up the first volume of a great Hellblazer story arc, and I already know that Constantine doesn’t do it justice. John Constantine played by Keanu Fuckwad Reeves? Give me a break.

There are so many new stories out there. For some reason, comic books seem to contain the most innovative stories of any medium today. Economically, producing a single issue of a comic book is far cheaper than producing a television show with the same story. This makes them the playing field for people who might have never gotten their ideas out any other way. And thank goodness.

So folks, who among you will admit comic geekness? Come on guys, we’re all friends here.

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I thought you got that volume already or I would have mailed it to you.

Send me your address and I'll send you the first few volumes of Transmetropolitan. You will LOVE this.

/comic geek
//yes, i owe you an email


I, too, have recently returned to comics. I'm loving all the zombie comics that are coming out these days. Some are very good, some are very bad, but they are all worthwhile.

I used to read X-Men religiously as a kid, but the few issues I picked up during the whole Civil War debacle left a bad taste in my mouth. WTF happened to Peter David?

I find myself reading She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel religiously because I like the humor infused in the books. I'll pick up a single issue of other series now and then if something catches my eye.

Fortunately (for me, not so much the comics industry) there is a strong comic presence among the torrent community, so I can be as eclectic as I want.


M--you've got email.

Cullen--speaking of zombie comics, I picked up a new one the other day called City of Others. The first issue is the only one that's out, but it looks like it could be interesting. Can't tell yet, but I think it's going to end up being a vampires vs. zombies story.


I still like comics though I am not really up on the latest ones.


I'm trying desperately to get my son to show ANY interest in them. I can't justify buying them myself. I'm 45 man!


Kabuki's the only one I've really been exposed to...great story and artwork. I need to go back to the comic store and browse to find something new.


Besides talking to you guys and people in other forums, browsing at the store is the only way I find new titles to read. There's some great stuff out there. One day, I went to Half-Priced Books and browsed their comics, and I got tons of them for about a buck a piece. Found at least two that I'm going to order other issues for online (since they are pretty obscure and I can't find them at any stores).


I just got done with the whole Planet Hulk storyline and, while a pretty good read, there were a few areas I really wanted to see Peter David dig into. And that's my problem with a lot of his work lately, he's got too much gloss and not enough detail to satisfy me....

There's a Buckaroo Banzai series (from Moonstone) sitting on the bookshelf (three issues, I think) that's waiting for a quiet hour or so and a good beer...

Other than that, I'm finding "The Boys" to be an interesting (if very, very bloody) read, Civil War to be crap and am still hailing "Transmetropolitan" as the best thing.... ever.


Buckaroo Banzai?

Must find that one.


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