It's A Long, Long Road
by Deb Beckers

It's a long, long road.

Longer for some than for others.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are cleaning house, they fired their GM today. I think they need a new PR team too – I had no idea that they were even in the league until this year.

The Mighty Mooses Brad May got suspended , 3 games, for punching Kim Johnsson in the back of the head this week. Dumb Moose.

The Burlington Cougars ( had their annual cry fest banquet on Monday. They renamed the Fan’s Choice Trophy in honour of my Mother – Margo (Who passed away January 24th). I got to present it…


The prime rib was outstanding.

In other news – the first round is still going on…


Eastern Race

Sabres v. Isles – Sabres lead the series 3-1. They could close out the series at home on Friday (20th) night.

Devils v. Lightning – Series is tied at two (2) apiece. They played Thursday night in NJ and I’m not psychic, so see my update in the comments below.

Thrashers v. Rangers – Rangers take the series 4-0. One year after they were the first to be eliminated, they become the eliminator… and the Thrashers get to hang onto their virginity for another year.

Senators v. Penguins – Sens lead the series 3-1. They ALSO play Thursday night. Look below in the comments for an update with me bitching or crowing…

Western Race

Wings v. Flames – Wings lead the series 2-1, but that’s only because of the fluke win by Calgary. Wings will eliminate last night. =)

Moose v. Wild – Moose lead 3-1. I’m still in denial.

Canucks v. Stars – the Nuks lead the series 3-1. Also play Thursday… so ibid.

Preds v. Sharks. Sharks always beat land mammals, they are killing machines. Sharks lead the series 3-1. Watch them eliminate the kitties tonight.

Scoring Leaders Goals, Assists, Total Points

1. Nylander, NYR – 4, 4, 8

2. St. Louis, TB – 3, 5, 8

3. Jagr, NYR – 2, 5, 7

4. Parise, NJ – 6, 0, 6

5. Lecavalier, TB – 5, 1, 6

6. Dumont, Nash – 4, 2, 6

7. Richards, TB – 1, 5, 6

8. Drury, Buf – 4, 1, 5

9. Alfredsson, Ott – 3, 2, 5

10. Crosby, Pit – 3, 2, 5

* as at Thursday, April 19th

Deb would like to write something funny. Turquoise.

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I just want to say again.

The Islanders got SCREWED.


OH that was a sweet game last night! The Flightless Fowl, let by Captain Diver, are no more.

I think the Pens lost because most of the Penguins are too young to have grown a proper Playoff Beard. We reveled watching last night's game with friends who'd just installed a 46" LCD HDTV. So the hockey looked incredible, but we got to see the wispy facial hair Crosby was trying to grow in unnerving detail...


You look fab in that pic, btw! :)


They renamed the Fan’s Choice Trophy in honour of my Mother – Margo (Who passed away January 24th). I got to present it…

That's pretty neat.


Welp. My hockey season is over. It was a valiant run.


ducks move on..

just saying...


Deb TOTALLY sucks with the updates... But you know what's happened already right?

Moose move on.

Sens move closer to the cup.

Isles have a player suspended for 20 games for failing a drug test... I've seen a picture of the guy... He's old (36) - I'm guessing ti was viagara.


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