My Semi Will Crush Your Semi
by Deb Beckers

We’re down to the final four match-up, just a month or so away from the big show. I really like the teams that are left! Well, I don’t LIKE them like them, but let’s just say I AM looking forward to the hook-up.

Western Match-ups*
(picks, as always, in bold)

Detroit Red Wings (1) v. San Jose Sharks (5)

The Wings out shot Calgary (225-129) during the first series, which is good; but took 6 games to eliminate them, that’s bad. Hasek needs to stay healthy; they have to actually start connecting on the power play and pray that a red hot team starts to get cool.

They are a very deep team dude, and not just in a California sense either. Younger and faster than the “aging” Wings, they are going to have stick to their game plan, wear them down and run the net – that’ll put Hasek off =)

Anaheim Mighty Moose Ducks (2) v. Vancouver Canucks (3)
Ducks lead the series 1-0

d2.jpg Just because I’m using their real name does not mean I’m giving them any respect. Even if they (sorta) deserve it. The hot headed Ducks have been surprisingly disciplined (except may), it’s a change for the better, but they are going to have to keep a cool head (like they did in game 1) against the harder hitting Canucks. I’d hate to see the medication stop working and have them break a wing or something, they do have spindling little legs.

During the last series the Canucks actually started developing a power play. This was a nice change from their regular season power play – they were right near the bottom of the standings for that. Carry it through boys, carry it through. They just have to start getting under the Duck’s skin feathers and drawing the penalties.

Eastern Match-up

New Jersey Devils (2) v. Ottawa Senators (4)

Welcome to what I predict will be the longest series of the four.

Brodeur is streaking (only in the hockey sense, unfortunately) and as long as he stays hot the hated Devil’s will be able to push the Sens to their limit. The Lightning were good practice in dealing with bigger players too.

The Sens are sneaky though. One of the most underestimated teams in the league, this series is revenge for elimination in Game 7 of the 2003 series. It’s cold in Ottawa for most of the year – they know how to hold grudges. They have three seasons – hockey, flooding and damn bloody hot – when does hockey start again?. The word “choke’ has been bandied about by sports writers greater than I, the only thing I have to say to them is… “Stop bringing your personal habits to work.”

That’s all.

Buffalo Sabres (1) v. New York Rangers (6)
Sabres lead series 1-0

d3.jpg The Sabres better have been toying with the Isles, because if they play the way they did in the first series against the Rangers they are doomed. If Wednesday’s opening shot was any indication, they still have some work to do. Sure they out skated them, but every time I flipped back from the American Idol crap the Rangers were all up in the Sabre’s end, and not in a good way.

The Rangers showed that they weren’t just a fluky team for even MAKING the playoffs when they swept the Thrashers in four games. They’re well rested (which may be a problem), their defensive play is legendary – but it’s not defense that wins the game (it can sure lose the game though – right isles?). They need to get production out of more then their first line. It’s going to be a good match-up though. Does anyone else miss Jagr’s mullet?

An interesting note – It’s rumored that the league is pulling for the Rangers to be in the finals. They are hoping for a return of the heyday of hockey in the states when Hockey was hotter than Basketball.

* standings as of Wednesday, April 26th.

Deb has the Poutine and Tequila ready to be added to the blender (not together –ew); she’s hoping to see a San Jose/Sens final, just to piss Bettman off

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Go Sens!

Maybe next time they can play hockey for three COMPLETE periods.

Four goals in the first for the Sens! Three goals in a row for the Devils in the second.

A Power play goal by Redden (Sens) in the opening minutes of the third. They dominated the period, until a complete breakdown in defense in the dying seconds of the period.

End score... 5-4. Very exciting game. It was almost like watching four different teams play. Sens need to not sleep through the second period in the future!

I was flipping to the Detroit SJ game, I shouldn't have bothered. Game was over in the 1st. The Wings just weren't there at all.

Great hockey so far eh?


I hope the Sens win the East. In the West I'm torn between the Ducks and the Sharks.


Actually in the West I'm leaning more towards The Sharks because if they win maybe I will get to see the Cup in person. My local AHL team is the Sharks affiliate.


Hmmm...Sens/Sharks...hell, Sharks against anyone in the finals would piss Bettman off. I swear the NHL has a vendetta against them over the last few seasons.


Ernie - You'll have to come to Toronto (Hockey Hall of Fame) to see the original cup They one they carry around and give out is a copy - the original is too fragile...

Mads - I am ALL about pissing Bettman off =) It's funny how the rise of basketball and the fall of hockey follows along the time timeline of Bettman leaving the NBA and coming over to the NHL...

Just sayin' =)


Holy crap I should proof read eh?!?!?


The Canadien's fan at work has just declared war.

He hung Hamish the sheep (he lives in my Sens beer holder), noose and everything, off my computer screen.

Bastard isn't going to know what hit him...


We are in overtime!

Ottawa has outplayed/outshot the devils from the second period (3rd was 12-4 for the Sens), but Brodeur has been unstopable.

It was 2-0 going into the second, Ottawa managed one goal and then the third started. Fast, fast period. I managed to regulate my breathing to help my team keepit in the Jersey end. My boys finally came through with 7 seconds tieing it up 2 all.

Who will be the OT hero?

I choose Redden for Ottawa and if theDevils have to score, I pick Gomez.

Go les boys!


1st overtime is done, going into the second. Ottawa dominates again (13-6), but can't get past Martin.

Did I mention that Vancouver tied up the series? In overtime? Poor poor duckies...


Series is tied. Damn it. Langddon-something.

This is what happens when I go to the bathroom. *stupiddeb*

I'm going to bed.


well the ducks lost too

i'm going out to work in the backyard


I was, against my better jugment, rooting for the enemy Rangers, just because I wanted them to avenge the Islanders.

This isn't working out so well.


Great finish to today's Ranger game!!




ducks won last night

The Amazing Larry approves


Larry can kiss ma grits.

Meanwhile, where the MEN play hockey...

Sens win =)

The SENS ARMY will crush all.

Plus I managed to breathe properly through all three periods.

Marty was amazing to watch though.


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