The *REAL* Final Countdown
by Deb Beckers

tfc1.jpgYou know you’re humming and air guitaring the opening, aren’t you?

The Writing is on the wall (and has been for weeks for some of our teams *coughbostonphillycough*). The East’s final spots still aren’t decided, the final placements for both coasts are still wobbly and several hockey people have lost their freaking minds.

Playoffs (Part 1 – the race to the bottom)

I’m listening to the Leafs/Isles game. The Isles just scored. The Leafs are arguing it, it’s being reviewed, but it’s a goal, by Ryan Smith – great acquisition eh? It’s hardly surprising for anyone who follows the Leafs, seriously. Even their coach doesn’t believe… (From the Globe and Mail)

Paul Maurice says the Toronto Maple Leafs don't have it, that they are not a good enough team to have it.

Reverse psychology? Distancing himself from the flaming suckage? Or did the Devils make him an offer he couldn’t refuse?

Another quote that amused me – about the Islander fans (from The Toronto Star)…

Islanders fans love Wade Dubielewicz, mostly because they can chant his nickname – "Du-bie, Du-bie" – whenever he makes a save.

That sums LI up I think ;-P

letsgoislanders.jpgBest case scenario for me? The Leafs win, the Canadiens (who are playing the Rangers Thursday night) lose and the game in Toronto on Saturday Night (Leafs v. Habs) is the deciding game for 8th. Man would that be a great game to watch. If the Hockey Gods (who are handsome and omnipotent – yeah, I said it) could see clear to give me that game, I’d really appreciate it. Like free porn appreciate it.

Playoffs (Part 2 – who’s playin’ who)

Yeah – I donno. The playoffs start next week (April 11th), we know where the top ones are going to be (East and West), where the bottom ones are going to be (golfing) – but the middle (and the Bottom East) is a fuzzy area, like the Mighty Moose’s tails.

We’ll talk next week. I’ll make picks, y’all can tell me how much I suck, I’ll provide references and we’ll all get caught up in our picks race for the most famous cup in the world. Le coup Stanley. Long live Stan.

In Hockey News – The full moon made itself know, with a vengeance

The Devils fired their head coach on Monday *crickets*. Not kidding. Claude Julien was surprised. So was I – they have three games left in the season, and the Devils are looking to Maurice%20and%20Stanley.jpgcinch FIRST PLACE. GM Lou Lamoriello is coaching the remaining games. Something major must have happened, this is the second time he’s been fired before the end of the season (Montréal 2006-2006), but with three games left and gearing up for the playoffs – it’s a bit of a slap in the face.

No playoffs for you! Move to the side (or maybe Toronto?).

Remember how I was talking about former Toronto enforcer Tie Domi last week? Well he’s making headlines in Toronto again this week. For allegedly (see, a law degree IS helpful) threatening the coach of his son’s hockey team after they lost a sudden death playoff game. The coach didn’t think it was literal. How is he handling it? He’s threatening to sue the coach for slander, the coach and his supporters/witnesses are trying to get him banned from the rink.

I think Domi needs a hobby. Maybe woodworking?

In Non-Hockey News…

Alanis Morissette Rocks…

This week’s column is brought to you by the letter “E”, E is for pain reducing electrodes. Mmmmmmm electrodes.



The Isles are still in it!!! What a game!

Now, according to Newsday, they can "qualify for the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference if they win their remaining two road games at Philadelphia and New Jersey and the Maple Leafs defeat Montreal Saturday night in Toronto."

I love this time of year. And Let's go Maple Leafs!



Go Isles! Go Leafs!

(I just want the Habs knocked out of the playoffs.)



47 20

x-clinched playoff berth

come wake me when the playoffs start, please?


Turtle my favourite Turtle...

No need to wake you, sleeping is JUST like watching the Mighty Moose.

Heh - you know it's bad when non Torontarians are pulling for the leafs...

Heh - I wrote pulling


Whoot! Go leafs go!

What a great game! Exciting to the end! 6-5 toronto.

Go new jersey ;-P


The Atlanta Thrashers have won their division.

In other news, Hell just froze over.

Thanks for playoff hockey in the ATL!!!!


Gonna be a great game today. Well, exciting at least.




stupid NHL


Jesus fucking Christ.

A fekking shootout!?!?!

I will say that My heart stopped completely when the Devil's goal went in with 0.9 seconds left.




you know, you guys wouldn't be in this shootout situation if you just played better in the periods before....


WE ARE IN!!!!!!!!!


Be as smug as you want now turtle...

Ducks have such lovely thing necks - easy to CHOKE!



or THIN even.

damn pain meds.


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