Volume 3, Issue 8
by Jo Carbonell






I like the picture frames. That is cool.

(I never noticed that before is it new??)


Ernie, I started putting the frames on last chapter for the B&W pages, just to make them pop a little more.


The Panels look great Jo, My friend, I continue to be impressed and amazed by your work! Much Love to you! P.S. I love the new haircut!


Wonderful work as always dear friend! What's up with the B&W? Changing it up a bit? I really like it!


Jenn, Thank you for the compliments. The B&W is to show the difference in the "worlds" involved in the Amie world of Fu Tork City. If you look back to the first chapter, there are clues about this change. The B&W represents the world that everyone knows and has accepted. Dull, boring, B&W! The color world is the underground of Fu Tork City, the vibrant, interesting, colorful underbelly of the city Erik is being introduced to. Did that make sense? Also - my grey tonjed markers ran out of ink in the first chapter and that was the only explanation I could come up with for the change. People seemed to like it because it made it easier to follow. It may just confuse people. I dunno.

For those interested, each page is colored, but the B&W pages you see have been converted to Grey Tones on a computer. I am the only person who has the original in their colored tones. ;D


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